Butter & Olive Pastry House Cafe Penang

Butter & Olive, the very name of it conjures up images of wholesome goodness from the farms and fields; natural ingredients that are essential to the making of breads and pastries, so that everything that is delivered from the kitchen is sealed with freshness and topped with a delectable touch that keeps you coming back for more.

Healthy eating has always been integral to the baking principles of Butter & Olive. Where one of their biggest missions is to emphasise on the need for healthy baking through recipes that are low in fat and raw sugar, no high trans fat margarine products, and the use of whole grain flour, butter, fruits, vegetables, and natural yeast that strictly adheres to the measurement and conversion guide to ensure the texture and taste of their baking products would be retained as they are meant to be.

I had the opportunity to review the rather newly opened Butter & Olive Pastry House Cafe located at Sungai Dua. The outlet is located at the same building of U Hotel which is just right beside Tesco Extra. 

Butter & Olive Pastry House has quite a number of outlets within the island and my first walk into this cafe outlet captivated me by the delicious variety of bakes Butter & Olive has to offer. I wished I had a tummy that big to try every single bit of it haha. Everything was so tempting and looks really appealing. You will know why as you go down.

The cafe sets in a rather simple and yet cozy ambiance. Making it an ideal spot for family and friends to dine for scrumptious cafe food, bakery items or even a place to sit back and enjoy the beverages. 

Let's have a look at the items which I had the chance to bite into. They are also some of the recommended items by them. With the quantity of varieties Butter & Olive has in store,  I'm pretty sure there's something for everyone.

Clockwise from far left
Europe Cheesy Footlong Sausage RM4.20 - cheese, sausage
Well this is something unsual. I know of the common sausage bun which comes in a standard size but this being a foot long, time to enjoy every bite of cheese and sausage with soft bun surrounding it.

Italian Mushroom Bread RM 5.00 - mushroom, cheese
A fragrant bread with heaps of cheese and mushroom gives you that pizza-ish taste.

Polo Barbecue Chicken Bun RM 3.50 - barbecue chicken 
We know of Polo Bun with butter filling, but Barbecue Chicken filling does give the polo bun a new twist to it. You have nice aroma from the polo bun and delicious barbecue chicken filling in it.

Wholemeal Sweet Potato Bun RM 4.20 - wholemeal, sweet potato
If you love especialy wholemeal buns, then you should give this a try. Simple yet nice.

White tray - clockwise from bottom left 
Dinosaur Egg Bread  RM 4.20 - raisin, walnut
A bread that gives you such fruity and nutty bites.

Green Tea Signature Bun RM 3.80 - green tea, almond, mochi
Common you will find mochi or red bean in this bread, but Butter & Olive's version is rather unique with chopped almond filling in it. 

Signature Durian RM 3.80 - 24D durian paste
Say no more, if you love durian this is your ultimate choice.

Yogurt Cheese Bun RM 2.80 - yogurt, cheese
Every bite gives you that tinge of cheesy yogurt. If you love something more of that kind, you will love this bun for sure.

Floating Island Bread RM 3.50 - egg, ham, cheese
What more could you ask for when you have egg, ham and cheese. The perfect combination of everything in a bun.

Kaya Bun RM 2.80 - kaya paste, dry coconut
Instead of the norms, topping it with dry coconut makes a better improvement.

Hanjuku Cheese RM4.20 per pc, 5pcs RM 20.80
If you like something light and fluffy with an ideal taste, then the Hanjuku Cheese is beyond saying no. More please, more please :)

Baked Cheese 4 pcs for RM12.00
As cute as it looks, the cheesy taste of it will surely pamper your tastebuds.

Molten Cheese Tart RM4.20
This ain't any normal cheese tart. Upon cutting or biting into the Molten Cheese Tart, be prepared to be welcomed by the flow of delicious cream cheese mixture. So, go gentle on it :)

Chocolate Almond RM4.20
Chocolate spread with almond slice on a toast. Nothing could go wrong with this.

Green Tea Honey RM4.50
Green Tea and Honey, gives such nice aroma on every bite.

Honey Marble Cake RM8.00
The honey boost the sweet aroma of the cake.

Fairyland 4pcs for RM6.00
Soft rolls filled with chicken floss. 

Scone 3pcs for RM6.00
Good on its own but if you have clotted cream and jam ahhhhh perfect.. Makes me craving for it now...

Pineapple Tart RM3.00
Each bite into this golden item gives you such nice buttery pastry and fragrant pineapple filling.

Egg Pudding 4 pcs for RM10.00
Now this is something very usual to be found. Egg pudding served in a egg shell. How eggy could it be. A nice smooth texture and nicely flavoured pudding.

Now time for some nice cool and hot beverages.

Healthy Mixed Fruit Tea RM 12.90 per pot Serve Cold or Hot
Tea infused with a healty mixture of Goji/wolfberries,red dates, green apples and oranges. It gives you a nice fruity aroma and such nice flavours from the fruits and herbs.

Strawberry Mango Smoothie RM 15.90
Iced Blended Chocolate RM 14.90

If you love cold blended drinks, you could also opt for this.

Don't miss out on trying their freshly brewed coffee variations as well. Love the creative coffee art too. 

Pure Coconut Milk Ice Cream RM 3.90 per cup

The perfect cup of delicious coconut ice cream served with peanut, nata and corn. This you must give it a shot.

Apart from all the items that I have shared, Butter & Olive offers a huge variations which will leave you a hard time deciding what to take cos you wish to have all haha.. You will be spoilt for choices once you enter the premise.

Apart from breads and buns, they also have whole cakes meant for celebration, cake slices and other desserts too. 
Everything is so appetizing!

Apart from pastry house and cafe, Butter & Olive is also known for their baking academy, Butter & Olive Baking Academy. Students enrolled in their  academy would have the opportunity to complete a short course at a renowned baking academy in Taiwan, where they would be able to hone their skills and practical knowledge besides learning to create new recipes to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated demands of a fast-changing baking industry that values creativity and innovation. 

What sets Butter & Olive apart from other local baking academies is the Taiwan International Young Chefs Association-accredited diploma that would be conferred upon their students when they graduate, thus making Butter & Olive the only baking academy in Malaysia that is recognized by an influential professional culinary body.

If you are keen on taking up baking course, you could look into the courses that they offer such as: 
-Full Time Professional Diploma Baking Course
- Part-time Baking Course
-Cake Decoration Course
-Degree in Baking & Management

As you have seen through what I had shared, I'm pretty sure you can't wait to make a trip there to indulge away the creations of Butter & Olive. haha 

How I wished I lived next door to it and you will probably see me there everyday if I was haha.

Thanking Butter & Olive Pastry House Cafe for hosting.

For more information:
Butter & Olive Pastry House Cafe
No. 676-G-1, Jalan Sungai Dua,
11700 Penang.
Tel: 04-6572 233