Summer Dessert Bakery Opens First Cafe at Icon City Penang.

When you think about bakery products such as breads, buns, or perhaps even cakes, the name Summer Dessert Bakery is no stranger as they were those few who offers creative creations yet delicious choices of bakery products for your indulgence. 

I still recall my first visit to Summer Bakery long time ago which is located at Gottlieb Road. It took me by surprise by the varieties and the interesting new kind of creations it has. Now I am so hooked to their black pepper bun. 

So their innovation has grown and I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to have my first experience at the newly opened Summer Dessert Bakery Cafe at Icon City, Penang. First look at the premise and you will definitely love the whole setup.

Not many places that converts their bakery into a cafe approach. One thing for certain is that back here, you will love the interior and the ambiance it has. On the lower ground, that is where you will find all the freshly baked items such a pastries, breads, buns and cakes among others. 1 floor above is the mezzanine floor with a few tables and chairs while the 2nd floor is a wide space with different kind of table seating. So cozy that it is perfect spot for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the delicious items from Summer Dessert Bakery Cafe.

I know one thing for sure if that if this was located in the island, you would probably see me patronizing the place everyday haha..

As you can see this is just part of the seating area which is located on the 2nd floor. There's the couch type, sofa as well as the normal chair seating for you to decide. It gives you that feeling as if you were just being at home enjoying yourself.

They also have a private room to cater to your own private events. 

Now lets have a look at the incredible food Summer Dessert Bakery has in store. There's certainly something that one would like. I just wished I could eat all of it haha..

From savoury items, cheese, chocolate and even some with cute designs. There just so many options to choose from. 

Now this is one cute and funny yet attrative looking creation isn't it. 

Apart from bread and buns, there is also the whole cakes for celebration and other smaller cakes as well.

Now let's have a look at the food items which can only be found specially back at the cafe. 

The Mexico Sesame Flat Bread RM 15.00

Tomyam Chicken Pizza RM 15.90 and Chicken Pepperoni Pizza RM 15.90

To sweeten the meal with some simply irresistible sweet treats. Here's the Rose Choc Moist Cake RM 11.90/each. One thing for certain is this cake is really really moist. 

The Danish Cream Roll has 2 variants. One has the original filling while the other has chocolate filling in it. The Original is sold at RM 3.50 perpiece while it's only RM 6.00 for 2 pieces. The Chocolate is priced at RM 4.00 per piece and only RM 7.00 for 2. 

Oh the next thing up was my favourite, Honey Toast RM13.90.  I really really really really liked their Honey Toast. It was simply amazing. The crunchy crispy honey toast with ice cream especially when you let the ice cream melt a little n flow over it. Oh heavenly. It tasted really awesome. Double thumbs up for this.

Here's the Mango Passion Mousse Cake RM12.90 each and the Raspberry Blackcurrant drink RM14.90. 

Dacquoise RM 3.80 each. Something very unusual, its like a meringue. Has a soft bite and mild sweetness to it.   

If you prefer something more zesty , a little sourness and less sweet then you could opt for their Lemon Tart RM7.90. 

Everything looks so good. Even the Belgium Waffle RM 12.90 looks great. Perfect for photo and satisfying to the tummy.

Here is some of drinks you may look forward to trying when you are there. 

Blue Citrus Mint RM 25.00 consist of Soda, Blue Lagoon, Lemon, Green Apple and Mint.
After Dinner RM 25.00made from Orange and Mango. I personally like After Dinner perhaps maybe the mixture of mango and orange makes such a perfect drink to chill. 

There is also the ice blended beverages. Shown here on the top is Black Eagle RM13.90 consisting of chocolate and mint while the one below is Paris Tower RM 13.90 made from raspberry and oreo. 

Of course, if cold beverages isn't your thing, don't worry as you can always order your favourite hot coffee as well. 

This was an eye catcher, the Black Eagle Combo RM 28.00. So huge that I think it's best shared. It would probably take me the whole day to finish it up all by myself haha...

Now here is a whole load of delicious food and drinks.

I must say it was an amazing dining experience back at Summer Dessert Bakery Cafe within the newly built Icon City. Food was great and with the excellent dining atmosphere it offered, makes it a perfect spot for meeting up at any point of the day. Well I do hope someday they will open a cafe up over in the island as well. 

So remember if you happen to be somewhere near Icon City or searching for delicious bakery items or even a place to sit back and relax, you know where to head to now.

Thanking Summer Dessert Bakery Cafe for hosting and the warm hospitality given.

For more information:
Summer Dessert Bakery Cafe
No.16 Jalan Icon City, 
Icon City, 
Bukit Tengah, 
Bukit Mertajam,
Tel : 04-5041848
Operating Hours : 9.30am - 1.00am