Economy Rice at Kedai Kopi 1818 Penang

Little did I know that hidden behind the main road of Jalan Pekaka 1 / Jalan Sungai Dua was a shop that sells a wide variety of dishes that looks so tempting and yet it goes very easy on the wallet. Kedai Kopi 1818 in Taman Pekaka which is located just the opposite of Tesco Extra and in front of Bangunan Lip Sin is an ideal place to stop by for lunch.

This was my first visit and upon approaching the stall, I was welcomed by all those scrumptious dishes that left me standing there drooling haha. It was like I wanted to have each and everything on my plate. I'll probably need a rather huge plate to fill everything up haha.

Though they may start about 10.30am, but the best time to reach is about 11am onwards. As that's the time when they have cooked up a lot of dishes up and you will have more options to choose from.

Now shall we have a look at what they have to offer. Start drooling people :p

There is just heaps of dishes there. From fishes, vegetables, eggs, chicken, pork and the list goes on. So many different style of cooking as well. Deep fried, fried, braised, steamed and even curry. I am regular diner for economy rice and I must say this stall really makes one spoilt for choice. 

Looking at the eggplants with mince meat, looks really good right.

Now this is one huge fish and pricing on the fish varies. Some people love fried fish stuffed with sambal style. Imagine this and rice.  

Oh this was like a magnet. I saw this and I knew I just had to get it. Chicken breaded deep fried to such delicious crunch and eaten with their mayonnaise sauce. Oh yummy. This tray was gone in seconds.

The tauhu mango kerabu and the otak-otak looks so tempting.

Love curry? They even cooked a few variants of curry as well. Guess you will just take to take a bit of each to know which is your favourite curry dish back there.

Spot the round tray on the left (pic below), those are the deep-fried enoki mushroom. Oh it tasted really good and pretty much cheaper that those you find else where. Good to be eaten on it own too. 

The person behind the scene who whipped up such delicious dishes daily.

It's such a common sight, when you see lots of people buying which usually means the food is good and reasonable. 

I was quite surprise to learn that this little bottle was soya sauce made by his own. It doesn't taste as salty as those commercial ones that you get and just a little tinge of sweetness. 

So this was my lunch, looking at my size you know the kind of serving I took haha 2 types of meat, 1 bean curd tofu, 1 vege, 1 egg omellete and rice cost me about RM 9.

So you if happen to be somewhere near Tesco Extra next time, don't forget to pop over to Kedai Kopi 1818 to feast into their delicious dishes. Now how often would you find economy rice that not only goes easy on your wallet and also leaves you with a satisfied tummy :)

They start selling at about 10.30 onwards til about 2pm. At 3pm, the stall then sells Pork Leg Rice. Which is quite a big hit. The place closes every fortnightly on Saturday.

Read about the Pork Leg Rice HERE

Having a gathering or event soon? Perhaps you could be looking for food supplier. You could reach them as they do provide food for catering/events/functions too.

Kedai Kopi 1818
Lebuh Pekaka 4, 
11700 Gelugor,