Lio Cheung "Here I Stand" Art Exhibition at G Hotel Gurney Penang

(L) G Hotel General Manager, Mr Michael Hanratty, Director of Communications, Christina Tan and Hong Kong Artist, Lio Cheung.

This is my second invitation to an art exhibition and I am grateful to G Hotel for extending this invitation to me to be part of the launching of Lio Cheung's art exhibition. G Hotel Gurney is honored to host Lio Cheung, an independent Hong Kong based artist. This is her first exhibition in Malaysia. Lio Cheung presents a set of impressive works under the theme “Here I Stand” which demonstrates how the external environment affected her daily life in Hong Kong. The artworks have developed an indirect dialogue by questioning the core values of the people in the city of Hong Kong at the same.

Born in Hong Kong, Lio Cheung attempts to explore the dimension of human consciousness, also the relationship between human finitude and the society. Instead of producing art in a rational process, Lio Cheung prefers to create art that is experimental, no matter if it seems risky or easy to fail, the unexpected result will make things more exciting. She believes that art is another platform that can communicate to the world and a way to achieve a sense of belonging to this particular place at this present time. Graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts at University RMIT, Lio Cheung continues to pursue her passion for art. Her ability to capture abstract through reality has marked her entry as a known artist and brought her to numerous exhibitions throughout Hong Kong. She has also been highlighted in many newspapers, magazines and got her works exhibited in numerous galleries, art centres and museums.

The event started off with Mr Michael Hanratty, General Manager of G Hotel giving his opening speech. 

Followed by Lio Cheung whom then gave her speech as well. Giving her introduction about her work so far and how grateful she was to G Hotel for having her. 

Lio Cheung presents an artwork of hers to General Manager, Mr Michael Hanratty.

Lio Cheung then took a moment to demonstrate her skills of painting onto a partially prepared using plastic and paints.

Here are some of the art works that is being exhibited. The artworks are expressions of Lio Cheung and her messages on the lifestyle, culture as well as the current issues of the life of Hong Kongers. From being tightly packed in housing estates, 'shopping mall' culture and even lifestyle in the city of Hong Kong among other issues that she has highlighted through her paintings. 

Lio Cheung's exhibition is being held from the 1 February 2016 till 30 April 2016 at G Art Gallery, Link Bridge at Level 1, G Hotel Penang. Her artwork is also available for sale should you be interested to purchase. The price of her artworks ranges between RM8,000 to RM16,000. 

Do approach G Hotel Gurney's reception counter if you are interested to purchase.

Thanking G Hotel Gurney for their warm hospitality.

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