Pork Leg Rice at Kedai Kopi 1818 Penang

So after trying out the economy rice at Kedai Kopi 1818, the stall then turns into a Pork Leg Rice stall by 3pm and I made a visit again around 4pm to try it. For a moment I thought it was just gonna be pieces of the meat and rice haha.. Guess it's more than that.

So lets have a look at the Pork Leg Rice that many, even I myself wasn't aware of its existence there. Oh just if you didn't know, Kedai Kopi 1818 in Taman Pekaka is located just the opposite of Tesco Extra and in front of Bangunan Lip Sin.

The pork legs are cooked in a rich stock with spices. The stock is perfectly spiced that it gives such nice taste. Not too overwhelming.

So the dish consist of boiled salted vege, egg, firm tofu 'tau kwa' and the pork leg. A combination of different items put together on the plate but the items go in well when eaten together.

The salted vege was just nice, just the right saltiness for me. 

Wasn't much of a fatty layer lover, so I asked for lean meat instead.

All the generous serving of delicious items on a plate for only RM 7 per serving which comes with a bowl of rice. There is their own made chili sauce which goes perfect with the dish. But beware, the sauce has that end chili kick. If chili isn't a big deal for you, then you will love it in overall.

A plate of salted vege, boiled egg, firm tofu 'tau kwa' and pork legs will certainly give you a meal that satisfy your taste bud and your tummy.  

The Pork Leg Rice is open from 3pm til about 9pm. They close once every two weeks on a Saturday.

So if you are around this area, do try to make a stop here to try it out.

Read about their economy rice which is sold for lunch HERE.

Kedai Kopi 1818
Lebuh Pekaka 4, 
11700 Gelugor,