Hakka Village Balik Pulau, Penang

I finally stepped and experience the Hakka Village in Batu Maung which was much talked about for a long time. The place is set up in a very interesting and colourful ambiance that just makes you feel so welcome as you approach.

A walk into the premise and you are greeted by such vibrant interior that makes dining set in such a cozy ambiance. So shall we have a look at what Hakka Village is all about. 

Ms Maggie Fong, was there all set to receive us and not only is she the owner of the place but also quite well known in Penang. Just like a celebrity too.

As you can see, the interior is set in a way that gives you such warmth and at the same time fascinated. 

One thing you wouldn't find back here unlike any other restaurant is the menu. There is no menu for you to choose from. How it works back here is where Hakka Village offers 7 dishes and 1 soup with unlimited servings of rice and free flow of drink at a price of RM 38 per adult and RM 19 per child.

Let's have a look at what are the dishes that we were served that day. I was told that the dishes varies depending on what is cooked and available on that particular day.

Alright so let's dig in to the delicious food awaiting.

Hakka Style Steamed Pork Belly with Taro 
One of the sought after dish which consist of thick slices of yam and pork belly, braised and every bite of the yam and pork is delicate with nice flavours from the sauce.

Hakka Stuffed Tofu

Rice Wine Chicken
Tender pieces of chicken cooked with rice wine that give you a nice aroma especially from the rice wine.

Salted Radish Omellete
I personally loved this dish, so good on it's own. Fluffy eggs with salted radish oh perfectly done. I think I could have this everyday.

Braised Pork with Wood Ear Fungus

Preserved sweetened mustard greens (mui choy) with pork belly
Another common dish that you could find in many places but the back here is cooked in a manner that has just the right taste. 

Fried Cabbage
Simple as it looks right? But it tasted really good. Nice flavours compared to those normal fried cabbages you find elsewhere.

Hakka Village isn't just about going there and eating Hakka dishes. If you would to take a stroll to the back area, you will find 2 house that host a shop which sells locals good and the other is of a little Hakka museum which acts as a cultural centre. I was rather fascinated with that as it tells you the story of how the Hakka people came to Malaysia and the live of Hakka people with many old and antiques items to be found.

Here is Ms Maggie Fong giving us an introduction of the Hakka trail from China. 

Here at Hakka Village, it is certainly more that just feasting into the delicious home cooked Hakka food, it is also a place to learn more about the Hakka heritage. 

Thanking Ms Maggie Fong & Hakka Village for hosting with much warm hospitality.

Hakka Village
534 Jalan Sungai Pinang, 
11000 Balik Pulau, Penang
Tel:04-282 9666 / 016-4116666