New Concept and Menu at Macalister Mansion Penang

It was indeed a pleasure to be taking my first step into the much talked about Macalister Mansion. The whole appearance of Macalister Mansion certainly attracts the attention of the public as they pass thru Macalister Road. 

Being the first and only member of Design Hotel in Malaysia, Macalister Mansion is proud to announce its new concept and menu by the new head chef – Johnson Wong. Chef Johnson humbly presents his very own signature menu – Chef’s tasting menu.  

Macalister Mansion’s Dining Room Philosophy is to continually innovate their cuisine to pay tribute to nature finest products from Malaysia with a good mix of the best ingredients from around the globe.   
Dining Room is renowned for its delicious innovative gastronomy using quality ingredients. Hence, through the Chef’s tasting menu, Chef Johnson would like to present his interplay of local quality ingredients to dishes which are to be enjoyed by all the guest at the table.  “From farm to table” is the new concept which Chef Johnson would like to highlight in his 8 courses tailor-made Chef’s tasting menu. To incorporate quality local products together with excellent ingredients from around the globe, Chef Johnson will showcase his talented modern French cooking techniques with the flavors Malaysia has to offer.  

I've never knew what the interior of the building was like and upon taking a step into it, one would certainly fall in love with the elegant set up it has. 

So lets have a look at the recent introduction to the new concept and menu launching of Chef's Tasting Menu.

First up was the rather adorable small bite sizes buns which had coffee flavour in it. 

Garden of Macalister Mansion 
A dish that shows the chef’s romantic expression of local produce from Malaysia. It is an organic green salad featuring varieties of flowers, herbs and vegetables from the local farm. All the vegetables and greens are presented in different textures with a combination of smoked salmon giving the additional smoky flavor to the salad.  

Carabineros is a Spanish red prawn with a strong flavour of deep sea. They are renowned for their jumbo size and striking bright red colour. For this dish, the chef put in the combination with local produce like pineapple and peppercorn both from Sarawak, Malaysia. The momotaro tomato, white balsamic vinegar and olive pesto give a refreshing zest to the dish

62.5 c Slow Cooked Egg  
This Japanese inspired dish will unquestionably be an all-time favorite. The egg is first put into slow cooked under 62.5 degree for an hour and crumb it with shredded Filo known as Kataifi before putting it to fry. The egg is then served with Leek and Matcha Emulsion, together with Hokkaido Scallop and Anchovy to enhance the neutral taste of the egg.

Foie Gras Cappuccino  
The Foie Gras soup is presented in a cappuccino texture with classic Italian combinations such as Arugula and Aged Balsamic. Pomelo is added to reduce the oiliness from the Foie Gras.  
“You will never go wrong with this classical combinations” – said the Chef.   

Blue Lobster  
Another signature dish from Chef Johnson. Blue Lobster, an upscale ingredient from Brittany, France serving with peanut sauce, similar in taste with the local Satay Sauce plus the strong lobster flavour from its shells. The result is the perfect blend of lobster freshness in a local flavour which is balanced off with the bittersweet earthiness of kale.  

Grain Fed Chicken  
In this dish, the chicken is served in two ways on the plate. A mixture of slow cooked chicken, blue mussel, and basil wrapped with filo and a slow roast chicken mousse layered with Cepes powder. Served with Dry Chili Escabehe Sauce an creamy ricotta puree to reduce the spiciness from the chili.  

Penang Native  
Pre-dessert featuring local Penang flavour of Lemon Granite, Nutmeg and white fungus. A refreshing palate cleanser.  

CafĂ© Mocha  
Chef uses the elements from Mocha and deconstruct them into a dessert. This dessert is plated by a base of frozen cookie with chocolate crunches and coffee mousse on top, served with Coffee Ice cream.   

The Chef’s tasting menu is priced at RM 268 nett per pax. With the additional top up of RM 160, guest would get to enjoy wine pairing on each dishes with Macalister Mansion’s professional recommendation.   
Apart from the Chef’s tasting menu, Dining Room has also offer the 4 courses MM’s Discovery menu, another trademark of Macalister Mansion. The 4 courses MM’s discovery menu is priced at RM 168nett per pax or guest could also opt for ala carte.   

Dining Room business hour is from 7pm to 11pm, Tuesday to Sunday. For any enquiries or reservation, please contact Reservations at +604 2283 888 or email to   

Thanking Macalister Mansion for hosting.

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