Crabby Claws Thurday at Lone Pine Hotel Penang

Now how about dining without the usage of plates and maybe even no cutleries, only just hands? Well Lone Pine Hotel Penang recently introduced the brand new promotion called Crabby Claws which is held on every Thursdays only. 

It is all about fresh seafood, you pick what you would like to have and the chefs will then storm up something delicious for you and you are ready to experience dining without the plates and cutleries. Interesting eh!

Ok so lets have a look at what this Crabby Claws promo is all about.

Fresh catch from the sea is all set ready for diners to choose what they would like to have. A whole load of seafood items such as  Mud Crab, Flower Crab, King Prawn, Mussels, Clams, Squids, Pomfret fish, Seabass, Stingray, and fresh greens too. 

As the items are charged according the weight of it, so once you have picked you items that you would like to have, pass it to the chefs. There is 3 options of sauce for you to choose from. They are the Indonesian Curry, Sweet & Sour and Kam Heong. 

Now you can go back to your seat, and be all prep up with your plastic apron so it would not stain your clothings and there is also plastic gloves should you need to use them. Well beats using bare hands though haha... Don't worry about dirtying your hands as they have a wash bowl for you. So just enjoy it.

The apron with the design is so adorable. cute right? Ya! Ya! i know the apron is way cuter than the person hahahaha

You may enjoy your order on its own or you could opt to have it with rice, mantou or even with garlic bread too.

Lovely aroma and fragrance from the ikan bakar/grilled fish.

And of course there also the sauce for you to enjoy your seafood with.

Here is the price list, I was told that the price list may differ on daily basis. So please do check the price list menu.

My personal favourite was definitely the Indonesian Curry. It was mild spicy that had such nice flavours and smelled really good too. To me, this dining experience was certainly something very interesting and new. 

So do head over to The Bungalow on Thursdays for a whole new dining experience. Fanstastic food, fresh from the ocean to your table and lovely environment, what more could you ask for.

Thanking The Bungalow and Lone Pine Hotel Penang for hosting.

Crabby Claws
The Bungalow
Every Thursdays

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