US Potato Culinary Festival Penang 2016

For the whole month of May 2016, Penang has been turned into a US Potato Gastronomy with 20 eateries taking part in the US  Potato Culinary Festival. Be prepared to feast into a Potato-liciously good items specially prepared by the talented chefs in each kitchen as they whip up unique and special dishes using US Potatoes.

I had the opportunity to be there to see for myself how creative the chefs were with new and exciting items prepared and displayed for judging. I even had the chance to sample away some of the creations and each of it had it's own specialty and it was definitely good.

Organized by the US Potato Board with the support of the Penang Chef Association, the US Potato Culinary Festival will run from 1-31 May 2016. 

Lets have a look at what the chefs had prepared during the launch of the US Potato Culinary Festival Penang 2016 back in Straits Quay. Each outlet features a mouth-watering assortment of unique and fusion dishes that elevate the versatility, nutritional benefits and superior taste of quality US Potatoes

Fisherman's Pie - Assorted Seafood In a Creamy White Sauce and Topped with US Mashed Potato

Rib Eye - 120 Days Grain Fed (250grams). Served with Oxtail US Potato Cake, Buttered Spinach and Brandy Spiked Black Pepper Sauce

Shepherds Pie - Homemade Minced Beef Topped with US Potato with French Fries and Side Salad 

Deep Fried Cris Cut US Potato with Pandan Cream and Palm Sugar

Wicked US Potato Chips with Cheesy Hogs

Wicked US Potato Chips with Salted Egg Mayo

Salmon in Cross Nets Ala US Potato

Cheesy Seafood in US Potato Boat

US Potato Au Gratin

Spudster's Salmon Steak with US Crispy Potato Bites 

Stuffed US Potato in Tomato with Seaweed

US Potato Mille-Feuille with Chilled Norwegian Salmon & Bell Peppers Layed accompanied with Scallop US Potato, Mexican

US Potato Wrap with Seaweed, Vegetables and Mashed US Potato accompanied with Waffle US Potato Drizzle with Reduction Balsamic Sauce

Deep-fried Bird Nest US Potato with Slice Herbs Potato, Grilled Cherry Tomato, Fruits Salsa and Baked Capsicum Sauce.

Hot Curry Lamb Rillette Stacked on Mascarpone US Potato Puree, Vegetable Asparagus Wrapped with Sauteed Ham and Mushrooms

Millefuille of Braised Lamb Shank infused with Herbs and Accompanied with US Gratin Potato on Grilled Scallop Shell

Salmon and Truffle Infused US Mashed Potato Stuffed in Fried Premium Boat Potato

MG Pork Ribs with U.S. Mashed Potato. 

MG Tornado Meat Loaf with US Potato. 

Stuffed chicken breast with US mashed potato. 

Nicoise Salad with Round US Potato Hash

US Potato Seafood Seviche

Beef Burger with Crispy US Potato

Salted US Potato Ice Cream on US Potato Skin with Blueberry Yoghurt Cheese Cake

Chicken Sausage Pizza with Simplot Lattice Fries. 

Almond Seafood Pie with Simplot Tater Drums. 

Topless trio's mini seafood burger with Simplot curly fries.

Braised Lamb Shank with U.S. Potato Pave & Lamb Jus. 

Sous Vide Barramundi with U.S. Potato puree, Buttered Vegetables & Clams. 

The versatility of US Potatoes has certainly inspired chefs to create truly remarkable variations of delectable cuisines with a mix of western and eastern flavours.

This festival aims to showcase how US Potatoes can be used as main ingredient in a wide array of recipes, ranging from appetizers to desserts. One medium-size (5.3 ounce) skin-on US Potato contains just 110 calories perserving, boast more potassium (620g) than a banana, provides almost half the daily value of vitamin C (45%) and contains no fat, sodium and cholesterol. 

Here are the list of the 20 participating outlets.
Bayview Beach Resort
Bayview Georgetown Hotel
Black Kettle Cafe
Blue Reef Fish & Chips
Crazy Cowboy Bar & Grill
Evergreen Laurel Hotel 
Gala House Cafe Restaurant
Georgetown City Hotel
Hamburger Inc
Harvest Time Cafe
Healy Mac's Irish Bar & Restaurant
Moulmein Gourmet
Naught Nuri's Warung
Hotel NEO+ Penang
Rakki Izakaya
Segi Cafe 32
Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya
The Chambers Restaurant
Uncle Albert Fish & Chips
What The Duck

So do make a trip to any of these outlets and do try out their special creations.

Thanking US Potato Board and Penang Chef Association.

For more information kindly contact:

President of Penang Chef Association 
Mr Audee Cheah 012-499 0626 

Marcom Manager of Penang Chef Association
William Tan 019-470 1836