E.A.T. at Sunway Carnival Mall Penang.

It was indeed a privilege as this was my first time attending an event by Sunway Carnival Mall Penang as they launched their new food and beverage precinct known as E.A.T, which stands for Enticing, Appetizing and Tantalizing. Now those words definitely suits up when it comes to dining.

Located at Level 2, E.A.T. is here to host diners to a brand new eateries that offers such various gastronomic palatable cuisines that surely makes one spoiled with the abundance of food selection available. 

 Mr Lee, the representative of  Sunway Carnival Mall Penang welcome guest with his opening speech and an introduction to this brand new and exciting concept of E.A.T. 

Mr. Chow Heng Wah, General Manager of Sunway Carnival Mall  said "We are elated to be opening the new F&B precinct at Level 2. The new precint has been named E.A.T that epitomize 'Enticing', 'Appetizing', and 'Tantalizing' as we are looking forward to provide our shoppers with an exceptional casual dining experience who desires simple and toothsome food that paired with the modest ambience".

We were then walked to our first outlet visit, Kaffa Signature. This is the 4th outlet in Penang while the other outlets are at Penang International Airport, Auto City and Lebuh China in Georgetown. Kaffa sets in a 60's set up, having it's very own unique vintage designs with wood playing a major element and display items such as old typewriters, gramophone and the eye cather is the antique coffee grinder. You will find arts of local legends such as Datuk P Ramlee, Datuk Sudirman, Saloma as well as some native elements in the cafe. Not only that, they have also the Hollywood famous celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn among others too.

Kaffa's prime products are coffee where their best sellers are cafe freddo, mocha freddo and salted caramel macchiato. While their signature food are the Chef's special BBQ beef rib, lamb shank and nasi lemak kapitan chicken. Wind down with some sweet treats such as Chocolate Moist, Red Velvet, Mango Mousse, Tiramisu or perhaps their non-so cheesy cheese cake.

Kaffa also offers live band performance from 7pm onwards for you to sit back and enjoy while dining. Finding a place for a private function, be it a party, seminar or press conference? You will be happy to know that Kaffa is able to accommodate you as they have a function room for you to organize it.

The next outlet we visited was, The Cruises Steak House. Founded in 2011 in the heart of Georgetown, the Cruises Steak House is fondly known to delivery unique dining experience to all food lover. They are known for their authentic and savory steak where beef makes up a good portion of the menu but you will find other delicious variety such as chicken, seafood as well as lamb dishes too.

The company high emphasizes on high-quality food and services while offering generous portion of food at moderate pricing in a casual dining atmosphere.

While you are there, taste their grill master's legendary steaks such as D'Cruises Steak or Sizzling Snow Steak. If you don't fancy beef, don't worry there other items you could try like oceanic flavours from their Combo Set and Chef's showcase menu or signature entrees like Blue Fish or D'Cruises Combo Set. Reading the names is already making me hungry..haha..

Of course, there is also their special drinks to look out for such as the Lucky Leave, Lemon Sea Coconut and Red Dragon Q Ball.

To make the dining experience remarkably unforgettable, the restaurant allows special arrangement based on different request. They offer a variety of custom-made dishes for special occasions too.

Next up a visit to Idealite, Malaysia's 1st Wholesome Dining Chain. Idealite offers nutritionally balanced yet delicious food made from natural ingredients. Diners would be happy to know that at Idealite, all dishes served contains 8 essential elements that is wholemeal carbohydrate, plantbased protein, essential fatty acids, vitamin, minerals, filtered water, fibre and phytochemical. 

The food served in Idealite is free from MSG, synthetic colorings, preservatives, and artificial gluten-based vegetarian 'meats' as well as microwaving.

Dishes are cooked with olive oil at low temperature, while brown sugr and Himalayan salt are used for seasoning. Antioxidant-rich ingredients such as broccoli, nuts, pumpkin, tomato, whole grains and fresh mushroom feature predominantly. 

While you are here, do not miss out on trying their Bak Kut Teh Rice, stewed with over 10 types of ingredients. Gives you such fragrant aroma and flavour. 

Items to look out for while you are here are such as Pumpking Vege Meal, Korean Bibimbap, Signature Hakka Lei Cha which uses brown rice which is richer in nutrients and easier to digest. Or fancy something light, then try the Hokkaido Vege Sushi, Japanese Hericium Salad and Provence Tempura Mushroom. Oh and not forgetting their Pumpkin Barley. Refreshingly delicious too.

Idealite has won a few awards and they also offer delivery and catering services too.

Yoshinoya goes back to the year 1899 and is famous specialist when it comes to Japanese beef bowl, known as Gyudon. Yoshinoya has over 1800 branches all around the world. You will find outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, California, U.S., Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia and even in our own country, Malaysia.

Yoshinoya being in the industry for more than 110 years, strongly emphasizes on the focus of 'tasty, low-price and quick'. With that, they also have a strong desire to bring smiles to as many guest as possible.

Hanamaru Udon made a system of making Sanuki Udon, the most famous noodle in Japan that requires noodle artisan skill and carried out the chain expension of unique and chewy udon back in the year 2000.

Hanamaru Udon offers Sanuki udon noodles which are tasty, casual, reasonable, healthy and loved by all ages, in self-service shops that are the mainstream in the place of origin, Sanuki. 

You can select the toppings and side dishes of you choice to go with you udon noodles. 

Hanamaru Udon has created an impact in Japan, among the business community and public especially with the rise in demand for healthy food at affordable pricing.

La Espresso is proud to present two types of blend they are the 80/20 Gold Blend Italian Taste and 100% Arabica (Bernini Blend). 

While you are here enjoying a cuppa, don't forget to try their signature dishes too like the chicken lasagna, chicken mushroom pasta, pesto pasta, turkey melted cheese sandwich among others. They also specialize in retail beans and gift sets too.

So the next time you are at Sunway Carnival Mall Penang, don't forget to pop by E.A.T and try out all the eateries. Each offers its very own specialty.

Thanking Sunway Carnival Mall Penang for hosting.

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