Theme Buffet at Wembley Café, The Wembley Penang

I always pass The Wembley Hotel Penang, looking up high at the premier hotel. Never knew what it was like until I was given the golden opportunity to my first review recently. What else could I feel but all excited up haha..

It was the Japanese & Western Buffet Dinner back at the Wembley Café. Everyday, Wembley Café introduces a different buffet theme which then gives you 7 days of different flavours and taste.

I must say the moment I walked into Wembley Café, I was impressed and amazed. Set in such a nice cozy and elegant ambiance.

Alright, so lets have a look at what awaits diners on Thursday's Japanese & Western Dinner Buffet.

Here we go...

Starting off for people who love their greens, the Make Your Own Salad Bar offers fresh greens to be mixed with your choice of dressings and condiments. 

I was looking (as you will see, eventually, there is so much food calling me haha) and spotted the Crabstick Salad and Japanese Potato Salad. Potato Salad is just my thing, apart from desserts and many other items. The flavour and the contrast of soft and crunch bites was just so appetizing. If it wasn't for all the delicious spread available, I would have eaten the whole bowl of this haha..

Next to it is where the cold cuts are.

The all time local favourite, Penang Rojak was served on the buffet line too.

Also spotted this cute canapes and salad with pasta in small mini bowls.

Seafood lovers will certainly rejoice when they see the variety of seafood served. At the Seafood on Ice section, there is the Snow Crab Leg, Half Shell Oyster, Mussel, Scallop, Flower Crab and Tiger Prawn. 

Wait! There's more. Sushi and Sashimi section offers Tuna, Butter Fish, Salmon Sashimi, Nigiri and Rolled Sushis. 

 As you see, the rolled sushi itself comes in many variations.


There were 2 soups for you to enjoy. One was the Kimchi Soup with Chicken while the other was Miso Soup with Salmon Head and Belly. Truly one of its kind. 

Now to some heavy cuisines. Everything was plated and arranged so appealingly beautiful. Yaki Udon with Seafood, Stir Fried Miso Butter Prawns, Mixed Vegetables -Yasai Itame, Roasted Tenderloin with Mustard & Peppercorn, Miso Honey Lamb Ribs, Chicken Teriyaki, Hasselback Potatoes, Baked Mussels with Ebiko Chili Mayo, Stuffed and BBQ Squid, BBQ Saba Mackerel, Barbecue Chicken with Italian Herbs, Garlic & Chili Flakes as well as Silver Anchovies XO fried Rice.

Not far away, at a corner is where the Chinese BBQ & Chawan Mushi is. Delicious Roasted Chicken, Roast Duck & Chicken Char Siew. Served with Chicken Rice and condiments. The Chicken Char Siew with the sauce was fantastic.

The Tempura Station is also something to look for.

While the Asian Tapas area offers items such as Malaysia's favourite item, Chicken and Beef Satay with Condiments and Peanut Sauce, Grilled Sausage with Chili Mayo, Sesame Ball, Corn on Cob, Omochi, Japanese Okonomiyaki and Korean Pancake.

Now how about ending the meal with alot of sweet treats.  There is the sweet dessert soup, cakes, French Pastries, jellies, tarts, kuih and so many other heavenly goodies. Not only did the desserts looked good, it tasted beautiful.

Apart from those, there is also icy cool treats for you to enjoy such as ice kacang and ice cream too.

Drinks to quench your thirst.

Chocolate Fondue
Suddenly I'm a little kid all over haha..

Lastly, fresh tropical fruits.

Wembley Café surely does offer diners a wide selection of mouth-watering delicacies focusing on healthy, nutritious, usage of fresh ingredients and value food service. Private dining is available from its 24-hour in-room dining.

 I personally loved the buffet spread on overall. It was rather different and unique as well.

So if you are in town and looking for a place to dine, do make a trip here.

Lunch & Dinner Buffets
Monday - Herbs and Spices of Penang Buffet
Tuesday - Mediterranean Buffet
Wednesday - Tantalising Thai Buffet
Thursday - Japanese & Western Buffet
Friday - Seafood Buffet
Saturday - Japanese & Seafood Buffet
Sunday - Oriental Weekend Buffet

Theme Buffet Lunch
Thu & Fri
12pm - 2.30pm
Adult - RM 68nett
Child - RM 34nett
Senior Citizen - RM 48nett

Weekend High Tea
Sat - Japanese & Seafood Buffet
Sun - Oriental Weekend
12pm - 3.30pm
Adult - RM 68nett
Child - RM 34nett
Senior Citizen - RM 48nett

Theme Buffet Dinner
Mon - Fri
7pm - 10pm
Adult - RM 95nett
Child - RM 48nett
Senior Citizen - RM 67nett

Weekend Theme Buffet Dinner
Sat - Sun
7pm - 10pm
Adult - RM 108nett
Child - RM 54nett
Senior Citizen - RM 76nett

Supper Buffet
Fri & Sat
11pm - 2am
Adult - RM 30nett
Child - RM 15nett

Thanking The Wembley Penang for hosting.

For more information:
The Wembley Penang
183, Jalan Magazine,
 10300 Penang
Tel: +604 - 259 8000