Grapes & Malts Penang - The Place to Enjoy Wine, Whiskey & Food in Penang

Located off the busy streets of Burma Road, Penang the newly established Grapes & Malts at Chow Thye Road, Penang is definitely a place to be for you to sit back and enjoy wine, whisky or water and (yea this may come as a surprise) their food too.

Initially I thought it would just be another spot to drink wine and whisky because if you notice the signage indicates wine, whisky and water, but when the food started coming, nobody even I myself would not have thought that they would serve such delicious variety and I must say some are pretty unique too. Best of all, everything that Grapes & Malts offer goes really easy on your wallet. Don't worry about burning a big hole through your pocket haha.. 

 Alright, so let's have a look at what Grapes & Malts is all about and what is in store for you.

The first good thing is you need not worry about finding parking spaces, as they have quite ample parking spaces in front of the shop. Finding parking spaces around that area can be mission impossible at times.

A push pass the main door and you are greeted by a cozy ambiance set up. The lounge has a decent number of comfy sofas and couch that makes it really relaxing and comfortable. 

Apart from the lounge area, if you prefer high seating set up, this would be the ideal spot for you to chill.

Grapes & Malts offers quite a wide range of wine and whisky. They have 100 over labels with price ranging from RM 70 - RM 700. While approximately about 80 labels cost about an average of about RM 100-RM150. 

 If you barely know anything about wine, don't worry because the helpful sommeliers are always there to assist you, educate you on the wine as well as how your drink is meant to be appreciated.  

Do read on to find out about their on-going promotion. 

Starting off for our first wine was the  McGuigan Classic Sauvignon Blanc 2012 from South Eastern Australia followed by Reillys 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon.

McGuigan Classic Sauvignon Blanc 2012 - RM 80++
Reillys 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon - RM 99++

It is said that Grapes & Malts are the only spot that sells Reillys back here in Penang. That's how exclusive the place gets. Cool yea! 

You may also drink your wine or whisky accompanied by S. Pallegrino's finest sparkling natural mineral water or Acqua Panna's natural mineral water. Normal water especially from the tap is not recommended when you drink your wine or whisky as it is a bit acidic and will distort the taste of your drink.

I decided to try the sparkling one as it reminds me of my trip to Prague when my daily intake of water switched to the sparkling ones haha..

Apart from this, they also serve alkaline water when you are here. 

 S. Pallegrino's - RM 9.80++ (500ml) , RM 16++
 Acqua Panna - RM 9.80++ (500ml) , RM 16++

While you are enjoying your drink, you can always try their delicious food items from the menu, though limited but your will never expect to have a gastronomic adventure back here. There's light snacks to be shared while chit-chatting as well as more heavier food items. 

House Dip - RM 6++
Freshly cut vegetables served with chef's special mayonnaise mixture.

Antipasto Olive & Mushroom - RM 8++
Little antipasto bites to whet the appetite.

Sautéed Mushroom - RM 10++
Looks quite simple and basic but each bite just gives you that nice mushroom taste with very mild seasoning. 

Cheese Board
Small - RM 26++
Large - RM49++

The next item, crackers and cheese seems a little common but the way how the cheese board is served by Grapes & Malts is pretty neat. You will find 4 types of cheese namely Adam, Camembert, Brie and Gouda served with crackers and interestingly, together with spring onions. For a moment, i thought it was just for deco display purpose haha..

They then demonstated the exact way how it should be enjoyed. First, cut a piece of a cheese and place it on the cracker then bite into the cheese and the cracker. While munching, bite into the springs onions and sip some wine. You will notice that the spring onions does give a nice taste and with the wine, it burst into a really nice combination of flavours.

This is truly one of its kind and my first.

Sautéed Chicken - RM 8++
As you see it's rather simple, but a bite into the chicken bits and you will be wanting more. Seasoned with Himalaya salt, it has a very simple flavour but the chicken was cooked in such perfect manner, so tender and juicy. 

Sautéed Beef - RM 14++
Just like the chicken, the beef is seasoned with Himalaya Salt giving a very basic and simple flavour. But the way the beef is cooked, tender and rare, gives you that melt in your mouth texture. I was really surprising the moment I had my first piece.

A perfect match with the red wine.

Chicken Jumbo Sausage - RM 12++
When you have homemade sauerkraut and honey mustard there, the sausage is turned into a magical bite with a tinge of sourness and mild sweetness. I just love the unique flavours as a whole.

Chicken Quesadilla - RM 12++
This was an eye catcher. The Quesadilla is served with Guacamole spread which for me, I would probably need more of those spread as it enhances the taste of the Quesadilla. You get to taste the cheesy taste that comes with a tinge of saltiness and the Guacamole spread, consisting of avocado and seasoning simply makes this dish deliciously good.

Meatball with Concasse - RM 17++
This was da bomb. Ain't just another simple normal meatball you get out there. One bite into the meatball and an amazing crunch of the outer meatball while tender and juicy on the inside. The tomato concasse was really good. Lip smackin good. A bite of a meatball together with the concasse and you would probably have that "Hands off! Those are mine" warning lol

If you love pasta, they offer 2 types of variation. It all depends on individual taste, some would prefer a stronger flavour from the seafood while some would prefer chicken. I guess you will just have to taste both and decide which suits you better,

Aglio e olio 
Prawn - RM 13++

Aglio e olio 
Chicken - RM 9++

Now this is something extra-ordinary, something which you don't get too often back here in Penang. 

Pate Spread - RM 13++
There only two ways to this dish, either you like it or you don't. It is actually made from chicken liver with other ingredients which is then made into a puree and is then chilled with a nice golden layer of butter on it. It is served with slices of french loaf. All you need to do is scoop a portion of the Pate, spread it on the bread and voila, you are all set to enjoy it. 

Frankly, in general I am not really into the internal organ stuff but I gave a try. It has this creamy  mousse smooth texture and a buttery taste. 

Just before calling it the night, we were introduced to a popular whisky which is the triple distilled Auchentoshan matured for 12years - sweet, nutty with a toffee like sort of aroma.

They do serve other variations of Auchentoshan as well as other whisky too.

Auchentoshan 12 years - RM 19++ (per shot) , RM 398++ (per bottle)

Should the whisky be rather too strong for you, you can always request for ice. Attractively the ice are made into a rather huge ice ball, made from alkaline water. The reason why it is done in such manner instead of those normal ice cube shapes is because it melts slower so therefore it maintains the whisky and does not distort it.

If you prefer something more private, they also have a private room at your convenience. 

Here is some good news for you.

Enjoy 20% off on your 2nd bottle of Reilly's from 4pm - 8pm, Monday - Saturday. 
*T&C Apply

Thanking Grapes & Malts for hosting and the warm hospitality.

For more information:
Grapes & Malts
Mon - Sat , 4pm - 12am
46, Chow Thye Road,
10050 Penang.
Tel : +604-228 1628