Hard Rock Café Penang Brings You A Sizzling Tour of Smoke, Fire and Spice

Hard Rock Café Penang is no stranger when it comes to a perfect spot for drinks, food and music. You find everything all under one roof. They have come up with quite a number of on-going promotional food & beverage items over the past months and it's always a pleasant surprise.

So for this month of August & September 2016, Hard Rock Café Penang is introducing a sizzling tour of global spices which they call it, Smoke, Fire and Spice.  

Feast into your delicious choice from the three selection of proteins - grilled beef, chicken and shrimp skewers served on a warm skillet with a bed of roasted vegetables and naan bread, sesame slaw and Monterey Jack Cheese served on the side.

Now doesn't that sound heavenly good.

Alright so let's take a look at what awaits diners. 

Beef - RM 67.00nett
Tender juicy chunks of beef skewer.

Chicken - RM 50.00nett
Then you have the chicken skewer, perfectly grilled. 

Shrimp - RM 65.00nett
And lastly, the juicy succulent shrimp skewers.

A nice generous serving of naan bread, sesame slaw and Monterey Jack Cheese served on the side.

Now comes to the toughest part of all, to choose which one out of the 6 sauces that is available.

Each sauce is inspired by various cuisines from around the world. 

The available sauces at Hard Rock Café Penang are:-

Kalbi (Korea) 
A  sweet and savory duet of soy and ginger, Korean barbecue flavour at its finest.

Charmoula (North Africa) 
A little flavour dance of cilantro, garlic, lemon and a shake of red pepper.

Yakitori (Japan) 
A fresh take on an Asian vibe with soy and Szechuan pepper.

Chimichurri (Latin America) 
 A tangy mix of parsley, cilantro, basil, garlic and black pepper.

Piri Piri (South Africa) 
A scorching mix of chili peppers.

Chicken Char Siu (China) 
A sweet mix of soy sauce, hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, star anise, ginger and Chinese five spices.

My favourite was definitely the Kalbi (Korea), it had a nice flavour  with a tinge of sweetness in the sauce. 

Take you meat, place in on the naan bread, spread some sesame clar over and lots of Monterey Jack cheese and drizzle with your sauce, Roll it and nom nom nom. Okay, now I'm hungry and craving for it again. haha..

To not miss out on the chance to try Smoke, Fire and Spice offering as it is only available now until September 2016.

Oh yeah and while you are there, don't miss out on ordering their desserts too.

Their Hot Fudge Brownie was simply irresistible.  Vanilla ice cream and hot fudge on a fresh homemade brownie, topped with chopped walnuts, chocolate sprinkles, fresh whipped cream and a cherry. Now just look at the photo, how can you resist such temptation? haha..

Alternatively if chocolate is not your thing, you can always opt for their Fresh Apple Cobbler. Served warm with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Thick, juicy apples are mixed with the finest spices and baked until golden brown. Their fresh apple cobbler is so good you’ll think your grandmother made it!

So don't miss out on the Smoke, Fire and Spice promotion!

For reservations, kindly call +604-886 8054 or email hrc.admin@hardrockhotels.net

Thanking Hard Rock Café for hosting.

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