Durian Treats at Men's Kitchen, Armenian Street Penang.

Now how about enjoying durian all year long? Well now you can as Men's Kitchen at Armenian Street has gotten all creative and the kitchen has whipped up a variety of food items with durian in it as well as other food items minus the durian for those who isn't a fan of durians. Best part of all, if you are a durian lover, you will be happy to know that they use Musang King & D24. 

Located within the busy area of UNESCO heritage area in Armenian Street, a walk into Men's Kitchen welcomes you into a spacious dining area with an open kitchen concept. For those who don't really fancy durian, fear not as surprisingly the place didn't have the smell of durian.

Alright let the feasting begin :)

Let's have a look at what Men's Kitchen has to offer.

Durian Portuguese Tart  
RM 4 / pc , RM 15 - a set of 4 pcs

Durian Ice Fire Roll
RM 12 - a set of 3pcs
The minute you bite into this, you would have thought that it would be a hot fried item but you'll be surprise. Try it!

Durian Spring Roll
RM 6 - a set of 3pcs
This was simple and tasted good. I'm not much of a durian lover but I quite like the crunchiness of the wrapper with the delicious sweetness of the durian flesh in it.

Durian Pudding - RM 8

Durian Creme Brulee - RM 8.50
This was one of my fav. The mixture of durian flavour, and crunch from the crystallized sugar on it and the moist texture, was irresistible.

Durian Wantan
RM 5 - 15pcs

Durian Muffin - RM 4/pc

Durian Baked Bun - RM 4.50/pc

Durian Kaya (Left) - RM 8.50 /container
Bread Stick - RM 4 /serving
This was pretty addictive. Spread some of the durian kaya on the bread and munch away. You will be wanting more of this for sure.

Durian Latte RM 8.50/bottle

Now to some of the non-durian food items. They serve 5 types of ramen noodles dish such as:
Chicken Soup Ramen
Smoked Duck Ramen
Kimchi Ramen
Shoyu Ramen
Dry Ramen

They also serve Chicken Rice which is only available on weekends.
Chicken Rice Set RM5.50/set

The chicken is also sold in half and in whole.

Drumstick Loh Bak
RM 12 - a set of 3 pcs
What makes this different from the other chicken lohbak is they use the meat from the drumstick part, which makes it really tender.

Fire Wantan
RM 5 - a set of 12pcs

As for the drinks. they offer a pretty eye-catching types of beverages.
Shown below from L - R
Pandan Tea RM 3.00
Doraemon Ice - RM 4.50
Butterfly Pea Tea - RM 3.50
Lemongrass Tea - RM 3.00

Bubble Ice Coffee - RM 3.50

Konnyaku Fruit Jelly - RM 3.50

So if you are in town or craving for some durian bites, then make your way to Men's Kitchen and indulge in the variety of food they have in store for you.

Thanking Men's Kitchen for hosting.

Men's Kitchen
Daily 10am - 6pm
71, Armenian Street,
10200 Georgetown,