Ruins of Victoria Penang.

Ruins of Victoria at Lebuh Victoria, Penang may just look like another restaurant from the outside but a step into it, you will be fascinated by the setting that they have. The front part is a bar where you will be entertained by music, DJ as well as live band performances on certain time and days while you sit back and enjoy your beers, liquors and even bites.

A few steps further and you will be welcomed to a nice ambiance at the Bodega Wine Bar. Nicely set giving you that exclusive feeling which makes dining such pleasurable. Infact I was pretty impressed when I was given a short tour around the place. Plenty of space and there is also ample space for your to host about 80 guest.

I quite like how they used the brick wall and transformed the bricks and cement layer into a world map. That was pretty neat!

I was given the chance to savour away a few items from the menu at Bodega Wine Bar section as well as a few bites from the front bar section. 

Let the feasting begin ..hehe :)

Onion & Feta Tart
Caramelized onions on puff pastry topped with beetroot pesto and Feta cheese

This item was something really fresh. Something which is unlike the normal appetizers that we usually get. It has a very interesting flavours to it, from the fragrant caramalized onions,  to the beetroot pesto and nice crunch to every bite of the puff pastry.

Next up was an item from the "From The Kettle" section. 

Boston Seafood Chowder served with Garlic Crostini
Creamy mixed seafood soup.

I loved this soup so much. Just the right flavours from the seafood and the creamy soup base, together in all, it was the bomb. 

And now to some of the heavyweights.

Crusted Herb Chicken
Served with Mexican chili cilantro salsa, sautéed vegetables and sautéed potato.

Salmon Wellington
Salmon in puff served with Hollandaise sauce and steamed asparagus and broccoli.

This dish received the most compliments from the rest. 

Lamb Shish Kebab
Skewered marinated lamb served with pasta.

When I think about kebab, I would probably think of it served with bread or rice. But pasta? Ok that's something different. The pasta was cooked al dante, while the lamb was nicely marinated giving it a nice flavour to every bite.

Fusion Olio Pasta
Spaghetti sautéed bird eyes chili, garlic, mushroom and prawns.

The simple look of it may deceive you :) The spaghetti was al dante, which it boast simple yet with some kick of spiciness.

Now to some sweet ending. Desserts..yummy

They have their very own homemade ice cream with comes in 4 different flavours. The 4 flavours available for you to choose from is:-
Gula Melaka

The ice cream was just nice. Not too sweet which I think many would love that as people are cutting down on sugar intake. Among the 4, somehow the Gula Melaka has a little frosty brittle texture.

Now off to the bar section which offers some irresistible bites for you to enjoy with your drinks.

ROV Platter
Chicken wings, fish fingers, lamb chops, crispy squid, prawn fritters and meatballs. 
Served with 4 types of sauce, BBQ sauce, tartare sauce, black pepper sauce and mint sauce.

ROV's House Pizza
Tomato sauce, onions, bell pepper, mixed seafood and mozarella.

Masala Lamb Pizza
Masala Paste, onions, bell peppers, curried lamb, and mozarella.

Planning to host a private gathering. There is a big spacious area on the first floor which you can use for your event. Do enquire with the management should you be interested.

Thanking Ruins of Victoria for hosting.

For more information:
Ruins of Victoria
183, Lebuh Victoria,
10300 Georgetown,
Tel : +604 - 251 9022