So What's New at DCOVA Penang.

DCOVA has been praised much for the excellent choice of quality ingredients used in their menu. DCOVA which is located at Logan Heritage along the busy street of Lebuh Bishop Penang is set in a small cozy ambiance but all that matters most is the delectable variations of food as well as beverages that simply makes all the tummies happy. By the amount of customers pouring in, there is the obvious that nothing beats giving the best to customers.

  I was privileged to be invited for a review session on their spanking new menu items just in time to welcome this Christmas. Apart from current existing menu, they have added a handful of palatable items for customers, which means more items to indulge away.  

Alright! So it's time for me to make you drool :p

We started off with the first pasta which was, Spaghetti Alle Vongole. Packed with clams and it has some little stock sort of like gravy at the bottom, that was the bomb. It had that slight kick of spiciness, but the flavours it had was the type that kept you scooping more of it.  I must say that the spaghetti that DCOVA uses in their pasta dishes is really nice. You have that nice al dante bite and the flavours just seeps in nicely.

Spaghetti Alle Vongole
A sublimely simple Italian pasta dish made of clams, garlic and olive oil with added chili padi for a dash of local flavor and oomph.

Teriyaki Tori
Succulent chunks of marinated chicken thigh sauteed in Teriyaki sauce all the way from Japan.

This dish certainly does give that nice twist by the nice fragrant taste of Teriyaki sauce. Keep em coming.

Pesta Pesto
Spaghetti is tossed in their very own unique blend of pesto sauce made from scratch with fresh basil leaves, garlic and olive oil. The back back bacon in it is truly addictive.

The sauce for this tomato based spaghetti is made from fresh tomatoes ,therefore you can actually taste the heavy taste of sourness of the tomatoes in it. If you love something that gives you that tangy sourness then this is your love.

Pasta Al Nero Di Seppia
Al dante pasta tossed in olive oil and squid ink then topped with a hearty serving of ebiko.

First glance and people who aren't aware would have thought why in the world is it so black? haha.. The Pasta Al Nero Di Seppia is also one of the many favourites back here. A very simple looking yet interesting dish that is infact very simple on the palate, but makes one wanting more of it after every bite. Not forgetting the nice small popper bite of the ebiko bursting.

Carbonara DCOVA.
Pasta, eggs and generous chunks of back bacon come together in this ultimate Italian favourite. 

Many places serve carbonara in their menu yet many flops at it. But the Carbonara at DCOVA has been praised by many for being deliciously good and now I know why it is. A firm al dante bite pasta, cooked and seasoned that offers a nice rich taste on every bite you take. Spot the yolk? Mix it up into your pasta. Heavenly!

Nothing like ending the meal with some mouth-watering sweet treats and perhaps a cuppa.

Raspberry White Chocolate
White chocolate mousse, raspberry gelée, vanilla sponge

Minty White Igloo
Mint mousse, crunchy chocolate disc, 64% dark ganache, pâte sablée

Triple Berries Soda

Apple Lime Soda

Blue Rhapsody
Orange peel, lemonade, yoghurt, fresh milk, vanilla ice cream, fresh lemon juice.

It's like a fruity fragrant slurpee slush with a tinge of sweet, tangy flavour and mild creaminess.

The beverage menu consist of caffeine, non-caffeinated drinks, sparking juices as well as tea. There's something for everyone :)

Now the affogato here is hard to resist. Now come on, how could you possibly resist after seeing this photo? 

In this Christmas season, DCOVA is now having a special promotion for their customers. 

They are giving away a Fruit Cake when you spend a minimum of RM 150 and above. I had the chance to taste the fruit cake and it was yummiliciously good. Of course stocks are limited and while stocks last. So hurry over, dine and get yours before it finishes.

So next time if you are somewhere in town, and looking for a nice cozy place with excellent choice of food and beverages, you know where to go now. With the usage of such fine and good quality ingredients in their preparing and cooking, it's such a pleasant surprise to learn that the price tag does not burnt your pocket or wallet away :)

Thanking DCOVA for hosting.

Mon-Thu, Sun : 10am-10pm
Fri & Sat : 10am-12am
4, Lebuh Bishop,
10200 Georgetown,  
Tel : +604-261 3121

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