Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner at Taste Café , G Hotel Gurney Penang.

Mark your calendars as 24 November 2016 is the date you wouldn't want to miss out dining at Taste Café , G Hotel Gurney. The chefs at Taste Café is all set to storm up the kitchen for a gastronomic Thanksgiving feast which will certainly satisfy your taste buds. The culinary team which is led by Sous Chef Ketut Gede Dodi who excels in French, Indonesian and International cuisine, backed with 12 years of international experience.

There's a promotion for the Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet that will sure grab your attention. Read on to know about it.

The Taste Café welcomes diners to a set of contemporary modern ambiance setting which makes dining such pleasurable. While the first thing to catch your attention as you enter will be the array of simply irresistible looking desserts welcoming you. Calling out "Eat Me! Eat Me!" as you walk nearer hahaha...

Alright, so let's have a look at what is in store for this Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner this 24 November 2016. Get your napkins ready, as you are all set to drool looking at the spread. :p

First up, 2 different kinds of heartwarming soup for you to choose from. 

Creamy Carrot and Ginger Soup
Double Boiled Chicken and White Radish Soup

Not forgetting a nice selection of fresh greens that comes with various dressing for you to enjoy with.

Oh yea, spot those sashimi... ooooooo yumz

You will also find a selection of cheese offered at the cheese station. I was going for the Brie cheese nonstop. probably ate half of it..shhhhhhh hahaha... Brie cheese with the crackers and some nuts on it.. oh heavenly.

Oh just look at those food waiting to be indulged. Frankly I am a big fan of Coleslaw and was so excited when Appleslaw was spotted among with the other amazing items around it.

One interesting item which was seen was the Tuna Avocado. It was something new and healthy too. As avocado has alot of benefits and nutrients too. 

What I did was, I took the Brie cheese, cut a slice of it, place it on the cracker and took some of the tuna avocado and place with with the cheese and cracker and nom nom nom. It was so good. Ok it's making me craving for it now as I type.

Turkey Salad

Chicken Terrine

Smoked Salmon & Smoked Tenggiri

You will also find some variety of Japanese sushi selection as well.

If you love seafood, then you will be happy to see Seafood on Ice section. Succulent prawns, clams and mussels awaits seafood lovers.

Now off to some delicious mains. Quite a wide spread of main for you to enjoy way. 

Herb Potato Wedges

Roasted Chicken Breast with Pink Peppercorn Sauce

Tuck into the chef’s recommended Roasted Chicken Breast with Pink Peppercorn sauce that is distinctively flavourful in mouth. The chicken is placed in the brine made from chef’s recipe inclusive of chicken stock, Juniper berry, bay leaves and fresh thyme for 12 hours before roasting. The roasted chicken is then served with the Pink Peppercorn sauce, a type of herb that the westerners love, for it enhances the taste with its sweet, fragrant and delicate flavour that will give you a gastronomical delight. 

Duck Breast with Cranberry Sauce

Be sure to take the Smoked Duck Breast with Cranberry sauce that is homemade by their talented chefs, so good that the kids and adults cannot resist for more.

Pot-Roast Lamb with Rosemary

Pot-roast Lamb with Rosemary that is slow cooked until the meat is tender in the pot for 5 hours before roasting. The roasted lamb is then infused in the rosemary herbs before serving. Plump, juicy and tender, this dish will win your hearts away.

Catfish Curry

Stir Fried Beef and Chili Ginger Soyu

Tender pieces of beef, stir fried to a nice fragrant bite.

Fried Prawn Milk with Curry Powder

I personally loved the flavour of this dish. It had a nice light milky taste and a fragrant mild curry aroma to it. 

Squid Vindaloo

Mussels Au Gratin

Stir Fried Brussels Sprouts

A pleasant surprise awaits at the Carving Station.

Roasted Turkey with Fruity Sauce and Condiments

Turkey is in da house! Yes, during the Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet Roasted Turkey will be served on the buffet line. Afterall, Turkey is usually served during Thanksgiving. Now you get to enjoy Turkey way before Christmas time in Penang :) Instead of the usual cranberry sauce, it was a fruity sauce this time around. It does give every bite a new refreshing taste with the tangy taste coming from the sauce. If you prefer, you may also just enjoy it with the Giblet gravy.

Savour the wonders of our Roasted Prime Ribs baked to golden-brown perfection that comes with a selection of sides and sauces.

There is a pasta corner and I am a huge fan of Carbonara so I ordered the cream based. I wasn't sure what to expect from the taste of it, but I loved it. I wished I had more space to eat more but there's still so much food to try.

Back at the action station, there is 3 types of noodles for you to pick. Koay teow, yellow noodles and bee hoon, pick your ingredients and the chef will wok up a nice hot fried dish for you.

Head out in the open air area and that is where you will find the star of the show. The Lava Stone BBQ Grill section where guests get to choose their preferred seafood and meat such as squids, king prawns, lamb chops, chorizos & Bratwurst sausages, corn on cobs and have them served with various sauces and condiments. The Lava Stones are imported from Indonesia which perfectly enhances the quality of the food by holding the natural flavour, moisture and nutrients in the food, while preventing flare-ups that cause charring for a mouth-watering treat. 

How could you resist this?

Now there is certainly nothing like ending the meal with some sweet treats. Correction, not some but with many sweet treats.

Though we are slightly over a month before Christmas arrives but Taste Café has begun the Christmas jeers with the Christmas desserts. It surely does bring the merry mood ahead. 

I was a kid again upon looking at all the desserts on display.

Pumpkin Pie

Chocolate Praline Passion

To me this was da bomb. It was SO HEAVENLY good. I mean I love chocolate but this, it was smackin delicious. I wished I had a bigger tummy to indulge the whole cake away haha..

Christmas Yule Log

Christmas Fruit Cake

Assorted Gingerbread Man and Macaroons 

Assorted Chrismtas Cookies


Baked Cheesecake


Raspberry Panna Cotta

Cinnamon Bread Banana Pudding

Mini Fruit Tarlets

Mixed Fruit Jelly

Fresh Tropical Fruits

Icy Cool Ice Cream

Now that is one awesome variety of desserts. There is just so many types and variants made available. All I can say is, you will be in for a real treat this 24th.

Remember the Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner is available only on the 24th November 2016.  After looking at all that I had, I am pretty sure you wouldn't want to miss it too.

Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner
24 November 2016
6.30pm – 10.30pm
Special Promotion BUY 2 FREE 1
Adult : RM 150 nett person
Children 6-12yr : 50%
Add on RM99 nett for free flow of house beer or wine to cheers for the night.

Now there is a special promotion which is the Buy 2  Free 1 which I think it a steal. You do the math and get your fingers on the dailpad now and call to make your reservation.

For reservations, kindly call +604 – 238 0000.

Thanking G Hotel Gurney for their warm hospitality.

Happy Thanksgiving :)

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Tel : +604 - 238 0000

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