Chef's Signature Buffet Dinner at Cititel Penang

The chefs at Cititel Penang showcases their highlights with their Chef's Signature Buffet Dinner on every Fridays at Main Street Cafe. By the looks of the food variations at the buffet spread, I can only conclude - Chef's Singature Buffet Dinner = Barry's Favourite Buffet Items hahaha...

It is certainly good to be back here and the buffet spread never fails to make one's tummy happy. I know I was enjoying myself all night long :)

The place is all set in the Christmas mood. 

Ok so let's have a look at what are the Chef's Signature items offered for you to indulge away.

Shall we?

Starting off with some healthy green with 8 types of condiments and 9 kind of dressings for you to choose from. 

The 4 types of Asian tapas were quite enjoyable.  

The delightful sight for seafood lovers at the Seafood on Ice section. Enjoy every bite into the juicy, succulent and fresh items such as tiger prawns, oysters, blue mussels, and half-shell scallops. 

When it comes to soup, I'm very much into mushroom soup and the Cream of Mushroom here certainly had taken a notch up. Yummyliciously good. Nicely prep and generous amount of mushrooms in it.

The second soup option was The Double Boiled Fish Maw Soup with Chicken Meat Balls.

Now off to some of the main dishes. The main rice item is the Fried Rice with Honey BBQ Chicken & Dried Shrimp in Lotus Leave. Simple as it looks, but it tasted way better than some eateries.  

Nyonya Style Chili Crab
The concoction of the spices and ingredients used for this dish gives such a nice flavour to the crab.

Deep Fried Prawns with Spiced Salt & Pepper

Fish Head Curry with Lady Fingers
If you love fish head curry, then you will certainly aim for this dish :)

Roasted Duck

Baked Beef Ribs with Coffee Sauce
The aroma of the coffee and flavour does give a nice unique twist to the dish. Kudos for the creativity of this.

If I could, I would eat all of this. The Hainese Spring Rolls..ahhhhhhh my favourite.. 

Look at the sushi platter! Simply irresistible isn't it? 

Apart from the sushis available, the hotel also serves sashimi such as Salmon, Maguro(Tuna) and Butterfish.

Back at the grilling station, lamb forequater, salmon, shisamo, sausage, corn on corb as well as beef and chicken satay awaits you. I personally love the satay gravy as it is thick and nutty. Unlike many places which offers pretty watery state.

Too lazy to peel fruits to make rojak? Then you have a chance to make your very own rojak back here. Pick what you want, drop it into the mixing bowl, add the sauce and toss it away. 

Nothing like ending the meal with some nice sweet treats. From cakes to assorted pastries. Everything seems so appealing and irresistible. Can't you hear them calling out "Eat me! Eat me!" haha..

Looking at this reminds me of those dorayaki from Doraemon.

Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Sauce is surely something not to be missed. Rich moist pudding that just makes you wanting more after very bite of it.

Sweetend Red Bean Puree

If you prefer something more cooling, there is the Ice Kacang, Chendol as well as ice cream. Scoop away and top with your favourite toppings.

There is also the fruit cocktail and freshly cut tropical fruits. 

Kids and adults would love upon seeing the Chocolate Fondue/fountain section.

While many places do not offer beverages at their buffet spread, Main Street Cafe offers Nutmeg Juice, Iced Green Tea, Coffee, Tea among others.

That pretty mum sums up about the  Chef's Signature Buffet Dinner with a whole load of nice indulgence. Make you way to Main Street Cafe on every Fridays and let the chefs please your palates with their highlights. A nice delectable spread at a very reasonable pricing.

Thank you Cititel Penang for hosting.

Chef's Signature Buffet Dinner
7pm to 10pm
Adult - RM 85nett
Child - RM 43nett
Seniour Citizen - RM 59nett 

For more information:
Cititel Penang
66, Jalan Penang, 
10000 Penang.
Tel : +604-291 1188 

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