Serving You More Food at justfood - Hawker Avenue, Gurney Paragon Mall Penang

Things just gets better and better back at Gurney Paragon Mall. Penang is no stranger when it comes to food, known as the food heaven or food paradise. You will be delighted to know that Gurney Paragon Mall has just recently launched justfood - Hawker Avenue, providing you with even more choices of delicious food on top of its current myriad of food options available at the mall's food court, justfood.

With that being said, now the 'headache' starts because it's just hard to resist all the delicious temptations found there. The problem of where the eyes is bigger than the tummy hahaha I want to eat that, that and this and that. :)

justfood - Hawker Avenue has been serving customers since a month ago where it opened its door for grand opening was on the 20th Nov 2016. Set in  a simple contemporary design and most importantly clean, the Hawker Avenue currently has 6 stalls offering local fare as well as a Korean cuisine stall. 

I was very fortunate and privileged as I was given the chance to visit and review justfood - Hawker Avenue. Wohooooooo :)

Apart from the table seating. they even have a small section of high bar height table seating. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds, delicious food with a majestic view of Penang town. 

So lets have a look at what justfood - Hawker Avenue has in store for diners.

Starting off with the Wan Tan Mee & Char Koay Teow stall that offers a few variations of fried noodles, rice, wan tan and dumpling noodles among others.

We were treated to a nice serving of Char Koay Teow to begin with. Well Char Koay Teow is somehow a food item that is most sought after in Penang, in general and by the looks of the consistent queue, it surely tells you how good it is eitherwise people wouldn't be queueing. Apart from the ingredients that makes up a good plate, it's the smoky burnt flavour and aroma, or what we call as "wok hei"  also plays an important role in serving a good plate of Char Koay Teow. 

Char Koay Teow - RM 7.90 

The BBQ Express stall which is located beside offers some pretty neat cuisine. We had the chance to try the BBQ Pork Belly and BBQ Spicy Pork Rice. Both offered different flavours & taste and I personally loved the BBQ Pork Belly. I was told that they even have the Spicy version of it. 

This was the BBQ Pork Belly that I had, nice slices of the tender pork belly which was covered in a nice fragrant sauce with a tinge of sweetness. That and a whole load of side condiments/dishes just made a wholesome goodness of a meal. 

BBQ Pork Belly - RM 18.00

Though the name of the dish is called Spicy Pork Rice, lucky it was just mild spicy eitherwise I would probably flood the area with my sweat ..haha.. Tender slices of pork is cooked with other ingredients with a mild spicy sauce, similiar to the taste of kim chi alike. They are quite generous on the portion in overall.

Spicy Pork Rice - RM 12.00

The next stall,  Hai Nan serves mainly Nyonya cuisine and some Hainanese variety. I had the chance to try their some of their highlights such as Sambal Udang and Curry Kapitan.  

As for the Nyonya set, choose a dish from their menu and you can then opt between Rice with Ju Hu Char or Rice with Tofu. The Sambal Udang came with generous amount of stink beans (petai) and  a lovely mixture of ingredients used for the sambal itself. It looks hot red but surprisingly it wasn't as hot and spicy as it looked though. Oh and not forgetting that serving of Ju Hu Char, that came with the set. Simply perfect :)

Curry Kapitan - RM 10.90

Loh Baks are pretty common in coffee shops and road side hawker joints but to find it in a mall, that's not something common that you would find. The good news is that the famous Loh Bah at New Lane has expended and now serving you back here too. If you noticed on their stall,the signage reasds 4th Generation Loh Bak. Yes, they family has been selling Loh Bak for 4 generations now. I was told that the daughter operates this stall. Feast away from 20 over choices to choose from

All you have to do is select the items of your choice, pass to the them and they will have it deep  fried for you. It is then served with 2 types of sauce, one being the chili sauce and another is their very own special made 5 spice sauce. The sauce also plays an important role in this dish apart from the delicious fried items. Take a fried item, dip into the sauces and bite away. Heavenly goodness of chili and the 5 spice flavours. Nom Nom Nom!

Don't this just look super good?

When it comes to chicken rice, the name Sin Nam Huat is definitely a no stranger. With many outlets established to serve more people, they have set foot into Hawker Avenue to serve you their delicious cuts of meat. Choose your meat from roasted chicken, duck, pork and others. The rice set comes with 1/2 marinated egg and a bowl of vegetable soup. Unlike the other outlets where the soup is sold separately. 

My friend, he loves the soup so much that he alone can drink up 3 big bowls of the soup.

I had the chance to savor some of their delicious meat like the roasted chicken, roasted pork and barbeque pork. Everything being tender and fragrant on every bite.

This serving of meat galore costed only RM 25.20 which could be shared by 4 people.

Quench your thirst at Just Bar which offers quite a wide selection of drinks. From beverages such as coffee, tea, chocolate to fresh juices, soda drinks, canned drinks and even fresh cut fruits too.  

I surely did enjoy my Ice Cream Float. 

So the next time you are in Gurney Paragon Mall hunting for food, do make a stop to justfood - Hawker Avenue which just located just beside the current food court facing Kelawai area. Just behind of Magstore. Now with this addition space of 6,720 square feet which can easily accommodate 208 pax, you wouldn't have to worry much about finding an empty table.

~Kindly do take note that this section serves pork~

Thanking Gurney Paragon Mall for their warm hospitality rendered.

For more information:
justfood - Hawker Avenue
Level 5
Gurney Paragon Mall
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang.
Tel : +604 - 228 8266

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