Prosperous Chinese New Year Feast at Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

With a blink of an eye, it's almost this year's Chinese New Year celebration. Wow! Time sure does fly fast. Hard Rock Hotel was my first stop for this year's Chinese New Year dining promo. Every year without fail, the chefs at Hard Rock Hotel storms up something new something exciting and voila this year, there is no difference too. New flavours and creations as well. 

For this year, Hard Rock Hotel Penang is introducing Rockin' Reunion Buffet Dinner at Starz Diner on the 27 January 2017 and A Rock of Prosperity Seafood Buffet Dinner. for the very first day of Chinese New Year.

But before we go to the food, below are the talented chefs who whipped up all these beautiful delicacies.

Of course, no better way than to kick start with a toss of Yee Sang. As they say the higher you go the better it is.. Ong ahh..Huat ahh..Heng ahh... :)

So Hard Rock Hotel has presented their highlights for the reunion as well as the items for the first day of the Chinese New Year dining.

Shall we? 

Here are some of the items that you will get back at the Cold Platter section.

Marinated Octopus Salad

Jelly Fish Papaya Salad

Chicken Roll with Thai Mango Salad

Pomelo and Mandarin Shrimp Salad 

As for the soup, it was a luxury pot of Braised Sliced Chicken and Seafood Treasure Soup. Every spoon of the soup was packed with such beautiful flavours of the seafood. I guess a bowl wouldn't be enough :)

Off we go to some heavy dishes at the Hot Dishes section. While some items will be served during the reunion on the 27/1 and some will be served on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Dried Oyster & Roasted Mix Meat. 

Steamed glutinous rice is a rather common dish especially in wedding dinners, it only goes both ways : either it's good or it just below average. But back here I was going back for more and more. opssss.. 
Yeah, it was nice I must say. The flavours from the ingredients used, just produced every bite of deliciousness. 

Crispy Chicken and Prawn Cake with Marmite Chicken
The crispy chicken and prawn cake was something different and unique. It has a crispy outer while the middle gives a nice firm bite. While the marmite chicken with a tinge of sweetness, just keeps you coming back for more. 

Deep Fried King Prawn with Spicy BBQ Sauce

Work Fried Brown Crab with "Kam Hiong" Sauce
I bet this is going to be a hit during the buffet time. Fragrant Kam Hiong sauce just opens your appetite for more.

Braised Seafood Treasure in Pumpkin and Garden Green
This is considered a magical serving of seafood-liciously good. A few variants of seafood is used in this dish that gives such a nice strong flavour. I was attacking the scallops though haha..

Next 2 items are the highlights for the Chinese New Year day 1. 

Braised Whole Duck with Eight Treasure Style.

Spot the ingredients that is usedf with the duck. The duck is braised til tender and the braising of the ingredients together in, just offers an rich delicious taste on overall. 

Steamed Fish with "Pat Tong" Style
Nothing beats steamed fish with a nice sauce over it. The sauce that is used for this dish, offer a nice mild spice and aromatic at the same time. Accompanying the fresh fish meat, perfect!

And well there's certainly nothing like ending the meal with some nice sweet Chinese New Year treats. 

Soya Bean Milk with Glutinous Ball. 
Glutinous Ball filled with black sesame, soft smooth glutinous ball and a nice warm soya bean milk, makes a bowl of indulge. More balls please :) 

Best of all, it isn't too sweet. 

Glutinous Rice Cake

We can't go without Chinese New Year cookies can't we. The spread also offers a variety of Chinese cookies for you to enjoy.

Rockin' Reunion Buffet 
27 Jan 2017
Adult : RM 138 nett
Child : RM 69 nett ( 6-12 yrs old)

Rock of Prosperity Seafood Buffet Dinner
28 Jan 2017
Adult : RM 128 nett
Child : RM 64 nett ( 6-12 yrs old)

For reservations kindly contact +604-8868057 or email

Hard Rock Café
Prosperity Rock Platter
9 Jan - 5 Feb 2017
The platter will be available from 11.30am - 10.30pm, RM 160 nett for 2 persons and RM 240 nett for 3 persons.
For reservations at Hard Rock Café  kindly contact +604-8868050 or email

Wait no longer as dining during Chinese New Year is high on demand. Book now to avoid any disappointment.

So book your seats now and enjoy your reunion and Chinese New Year celebration with family and friends over a prosperous feast at Hard Rock Hotel.

Wishing all a Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year.
Ong ahhhhh Huat ahhhh Heng ahhhhh ! :)

Thanking Hard Rock Hotel for their warm hospitality.

For more information about the Rock-A-Duck, kindly click HERE

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