Sushi King Brings Doubly Fresh Doubly Joyous This Chinese New Year.

For this Chinese New Year celebration, Sushi King presents to you "Doubly Fresh, Doubly Joyous". Sushi King is definitely a no stranger in the market. This was my first time doing a review for Sushi King and everything was just mouth-watering. 

There is quite a number of items specially created for this Chinese New Year bringing that joyous festive celebration. 

The ang pows for this time is indeed adorable with 4 different designs in total. Looking so cute. Awwwwwww

Staring off our meal was the Prosperity Yee Sang which is meant for about 4-6 pax. The Yee Sang comes with premium salmon and minced salmon. Best part is the Yee Sang is prepared using fresh Norwegian Salmon which is flown in from the cold, clear waters of Norway. Doesn't get any better than this doesn't it. As for the sauce, you may choose either the Tangy Plum Sauce or Tangy Plum and Wasabi Mix Sauce. It comes with any order of Prosperity Yee Sang or Yee Sang.

If you simply love salmon, you may add on RM 9.41 nett for some salmon slices. 

They say the higher you toss they better luck will come to you. So make sure to toss it high :)

Salmon Teriyaki
Love the teriyaki sauce that just gives a nice fragrant and sweet tinge to the salmon. Together with the sushi rice, making every bite just wonderful.

Spicy Salmon Teriyaki
Time to dig into some nice sushis such as Spicy Salmon Teriyaki. Though it's called Spicy Salmon, but its just a very mild spiciness and the salmon just melts away in your mouth. The teriyaki flavour just makes you wanting more of it. 

Fried Salmon Sushi
Slices of salmon is deep fried and topped with mayonnaise. The crunch of the crust certainly gives that nice contra of  softness from the rice and salmon. 

Assorted Sushi
Why have 2 when you can have 3 :) The serving consist of minced salmon, salmon and unagi.

CNY Bento
Deep fried chicken and salmon served with Mini Yee Sang. Now how cool is that, having your very own mini yee sang surrounded by my favourite deep fried chicken. Giving this dish a very unique twist with the Yee Sang by the side. Just looking at it again makes me crave for it now.

Seafood Bento
Deep fried salmon, squid, prawns and long beans. A bento of everything delicious and appetizing. 

Ontama Salmon Don
First look and it looks pretty special in a way. Below is the rice, topped with lots of salmon flakes, a soft boiled egg and flying fish roe. A mix of everything give you a pretty nice bursting flavours in a bite. The fish roe definitely give a nice popping burst crunch.

Salmon Don
Rice on the base, topped with salmon belly  and flying fish roe. The salmon belly was just amazingly delicious. Gently melts away in your mouth was just amazing.

These adorable Hanjuku Cheese is something many would love unless cheese isn't your friend. It offers a nice soft and light fluffy texture. Not too sweet which is good as people are now watching their sugar intake.   

To double up the joy and prosperity, if you spend RM68 and above in a single receipt at any Sushi King outlets, you can receive an exclusive set of Sushi King Daruma Ang Pows and also be in the running to win an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo.

A Double Joyous Escape contest is where you can win yourself a trip to Japan. Read more about the details here

Thanking Sushi King for the warm hospitality rendered.

Here is the location of Sushi King outlets in Penang

Wishing You A Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year

For more information:
Sushi King Gurney Plaza
Plaza Gurney
Lot 170-02-58
Persiaran Gurney 10250
Pulau Pinang
10.00 am – 10.00 pm

Sushi King
Wisma Texchem, Lot 808 & 809,
Jalan Subang 5, 
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