Empire Sushi @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

It is certainly a Sushi galore at Empire Sushi. Located on the Basement 1 of Gurney Plaza, Empire Sushi offers a myriad of sushi and their quick-service gets you enjoying your sushi in no time, especially if you are on the go and need a quick bite. All you have to do is queue in-line, choose your preferred item and the they will have it packed for u. 

With the attractive display of variety of sushi, temaki, onigiri amongst others, it is simply hard to resist the delicious temptation. 

Allow me to show you the fantastic items that Empire Sushi offers that would satisfy your palates.

What you see below is just one third of the items available. Everything just looks so good that you would wished you had a bigger tummy to fill everything in.

The Unagi Cheese Roll looks so good and it only cost RM 2.60. That's an awesome steal, infact everything is a steal when you see the price of the items on display.

Presentation wise and the mixture of flavours and taste on their special sushi is something unique in their own way. Their special creations are simply hard to resist. A look at it and you are eager to just try it. Among those special creations are such as Spicy Roll, Unagi Cheese Roll and Tempura Ebi Roll.

The list continues with even more sushi items such as Salmon Mayo, Tako Yaki, Aburi Salmon, Tamago, Grilled Abalone, Unagi and a whole loads more of it.

Did you know that it is so economical that a price of a sushi starts from only RM 1.10. 

Look at all those beautiful creations by Empire Sushi. Starting to drool already? :)

The Onigiri comes with different fillings such as Tuna, Salmon, Chicken Floss, Octopus and Crab.

Of course, nothing beats eating it with dressings and sauce such as Salty Soyu, Mayonnaise, Wasabi, and many more.  

With such economical price, quality ingredients and quick to go, it's just hard to say no to Empire Sushi.  So next time when you are nearby, shopping and feeling hungry, head down to the Basement 1 and enjoy away. Be warned! You will be spoilt for choices. :)

Thanking Empire Sushi Gurney Plaza outlet for hosting.

For more information:
Empire Sushi ( Gurney Plaza Outlet)
Gurney Plaza
Persiaran Gurney, 
10250 Penang, Malaysia.