Hamidou Roll Rolls Delicious Loh Baks in Penang.

You may have spotted this humble stall selling loh baks (5 spice chicken roll) at some night markets or pasar malam and also in the morning at Jelutong market. The humble stall that I am going to share with you today is called HamiDou Roll. I still recalled when my first time seeing the stall and I went " Wow, now even loh baks are sold at Pasar Malams!" but surprisingly first bite and it was bursting in such delicious flavours.

Initially I thought their loh baks just entered the market but surprisingly the loh baks has been pleasantly filling people's tummies since 1992.

I was given the chance to experience and see what it was like during the final rush hours before Chinese New Year. Thanks to my friend for linking me and now I'm the loh bak monster hahaha.. I was actually really surprise to see the amount of people queuing to get hold of it on the eve of Chinese New Year. The wet weather did not deter them from getting it. 

You would be surprise that the queue was already in line from 6 in the morning. All waiting patiently to get theirs. The friendly lady boss was at the wok,  frying all the loh baks continuously as the orders kept coming in. Well initially I was there to take shots of the scene, but it somehow ended up with me being there giving a hand as well. haha. the new loh bak packing assistant haha..

The loh baks were delicious. It offered such nice flavours while the 5 spice taste was just perfect and it was made from chicken. Just after frying and letting it cool for a bit, you get a nice golden crunch outside and a tender firm bite. I am now craving for it :)

Youngsters and adults, man and woman were seen queuing buying tens n tens of it. The orders just came in non-stop. It was a sold-out day by late morning. 

The loh baks are simply so irresistible. Can you hear it calling " eat me! eat me!" :)

Apart from those that are deep-fried on the spot, HamiDou Roll also sells the uncooked ones. Frozen, where you can enjoy it anytime at home. 

One piece of loh bak only cost RM 1,80, definitely won't burn a hole in your pocket.
Their on-going promo of "buy 10 free 1" is certainly a good steal. An extra pc/box to indulge away. Oh yummy.

Apart from loh baks, Hamidou Rolls also offers other variants of items such as Special Chicken Balls, Le' Puff and Chicken and Filament Spring Roll. All of it just pampers your palate away.

So next time if you are visiting any of the night markets (pasar malam) or the Jelutong Market during the morning session, don't forget to pop by their stall and simply enjoy each bite spread with chili sauce and mayo. Their stall is located just infront of the Mat Toh Yau dessert shop.

One thing for sure, these items will be a favourite for any occasions be it dinner, party or any celebration. 

Thanking Hamidou Roll for their warm hospitality rendered.

For more information:
Tel : +6016-784 2813