Japanese Buffet Dinner at Main Street Café, Cititel Penang

Cititel Penang brings us a exciting new flavours and taste with their newly launched themed buffets which you may indulge away instantly. It is certainly good to be back again at Main Street Café once again to explore one of their newly improvised Japanese Buffet Dinner which you may enjoy on every Fridays.

I bet that you can't wait to see what's all new back here. So let's roll :)

Starting off with fresh greens at the Salad Bar. Picked your favourite greens and have the dressing of your choice over it.

Though it's Japanese themed, you will find some local fare as well. Items such as Chicken Roll, Pandan Chicken, Sausages and Karipap. Notice that even a simple dish is turned into such a beauty with their improvised decorations.

Our local fruit salad Rojak, though gives a light punch on the spiciness but people just love it. 

The section where diners usually attack first, the Seafood on ice is just so good that it's simply hard to resist. Indulge away seafood items such as oysters, green lipped mussels, prawns and half shell scallops.

Please the appetite with an array of such beautiful sushi creations.

While at the soup station, the Miso Broth with Chicken Meatball is simply delicious. With heaps of meatball in it, the miso flavour just offers a nice taste on overall.

Feast away to your favourite sashimi. From tuna, salmon and white tuna, you will be coming back for more servings.

Of course it wouldn't be complete without tempura and grilled Shisamo.

Chicken and beef satay with the thick fragrant peanuty sauce,,,oh heavenly good!

Time to show your skills at the Udon and Soba soup station, make your very own bowl of Udon and Soba with ingredients made available like fish cakes, ramen eggs, blanced Japanese spinach and lots more.

The main dishes are simply gorgeous and taste really good too. From fried noodles, to fish items and beef and many more. Each item offers an exciting flavour and different style of cooking.

Yaki Chuka Ramen (maggie noodle)

Garlic Fried Rice with Salted Salmon

Stir Fried Beef with Ginger
This was the bomb, tender slices of beef fragrantly cooked. Oh I'm so craving for this now :)

Salmon Head with Teriyaki Sauce

Mussels with Wasabi Mayonnaise

Soft Shelled Crab Tempura
This was really something we don't always get on the buffet spread. Each bite offered such nice flavour and the soft shell crab was fantastic.

Miso Butter Prawn
This was indeed something interesting. Where you get the Miso flavour covering the prawn. Unique indeed.

Stir Fried Vegetables 

Not to miss out on the every yummy Cawan Mushi.

Nothing beats ending the meal with such mouth-watering sweet treats, Desserts here are just appealing. Love the creations and creativity as well. 

This will make you drool even more :) Everything looks so tempting! I wished I had them everyday haha

This chocolate pudding, you can never say no to. 

One thing I love is the ready beverages for you to quench your thirst. The nutmeg was just so refreshing.

Some icy cool treats like ice cream too is available.

What you see is the promotion for Fridays but there a whole load more of other interesting theme buffets as well.

Here is a list of the ongoing promotion:

Weekend Buffet Lunch
Saturdays & Sundays
12noon - 3pm
Adult : RM 57 nett
Child : RM 29 nett
Senior Citizen (55 yrs and above)  : RM 40 nett

Buffet Dinners:
Fridays : Japanese Buffet Dinner
Saturdays : Roast & Grill Buffet Dinner
Sundays : Western Buffet Dinner
Adult : RM 95 nett
Child : RM 48 nett
Senior Citizen (55 yrs and above)  : RM 66 nett

Porridge Supper Buffet:
Fridays & Saturdays
RM 25nett

For their 20th Anniversary Promotion, for every 2 full-paying adult for Weekend Buffet Lunch or Dinner, the 3rd diner pays only RM 20 nett. Valid until 23 December 2017.

For more information:
Cititel Penang
66, Jalan Penang, 
10000 Penang.
Tel : +604-291 1188 

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