Stay, Play, Eat and Meet at Cinta Sayang Resort @ Sungai Petani, Kedah

It was a weekend that I had been looking forward as it was my very first short getaway review. Destination was way up north at Sungai Petani, Kedah. It is about 45 minutes drive away from Penang and I have been around the area a couple of times but this was my very first stay there and exploring what the resort offers.

Cinta Sayang Resort was my crib for those 2 amazing nights.  Infact initially I wasn't sure what to expect as the place has been around for a couple of years but I love the room and the food so much that I think I've found a new love in Sungai Petani now. haha 

Cinta Sayang Resort is a place where you will find accomodation, golf, food and beverages, meeting and event facilities as well as a waterpark too.

The lobby is in an open area where you get the cool natural atmosphere. Friendly Front Office officers were all set to welcome us with some welcome drinks and cupcakes and off I went to my room. 

Cinta Sayang Resort offers 3 types of accommodation; Chalets, Suites and Residences. The chalets are located about 150 meters away from the lobby, a min drive away and a couple of minutes on foot. First look and I thought the room was going to some normal old furnished room. But.........

 A push at the door and I was smiling with joy. The room was more than what I had expected. It was clean and simple, yet it has all the necessity needs to make the room cozy and comfy. The rooms has recently undergone a major refurbishment and it was nice.

What is there to not love about the room? :)

The big art on the walls certainly does give the room a different feel.

It wasn't long before we gathered at CS Cafe, The cafe welcomes guest to a nice and warm ambiance cafe ambiance making dining simply relaxing especially when the sight of beautiful nature is just next to it.

The swing chairs is something eye catching and attractive. Makes everyone want to go on it.

Roasted Tomato Soup
Not much a fan of tomato soup, but love the one that they serve here. Had that delicious minestrone flavour.

Coconute & Pumpkin Soup
Now you would be thinkiing coconut and pumpkin? Could they go well? Infact it compliment quite well. The pumpkin soup on it on was already satisfying, with some coconut milk onto it, it gave a nice fragrant flavour to the taste. Dip into those parmesan croutons and you have a nice crunch bite.

Smoked Salmon Feta
Smoked Salmon, Feta Cheese, Lettuce, Black Olives, Capers, Gherkins & Vinaigrette 

Crispy Prawn Salad
Crispy Prawn, Roasted Capsimum & Mixed Lettuce, Green Apple Slices, Cashew Nuts & Orange Vinaigrette.
Look at the amount of prawn in the salad. Very 

Pan-fried Salmon
Salmon, Tomato & Black Olive Salsa, Hollandaise served on a Broccoli & Potato Cake.

Fettuccine Carbonara 
When it comes to Carbonara, they either make it or they don't. But my tummy and palate was certainly satisfied with the carbonara served back here. It was deliciously good. Creamy with nice flavour. Could I have another serving of it please :)

Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Brownie, with Chocolate Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce. The ultimate choice for a chocoholic, just like me.

Trio Chocolate Tart is to die for. To me this was the bomb. Looking at this pic makes me craving for it now.

After meal, it was time to enjoy the calm night in the room. The ambiance in the room makes you just sit back relax and enjoy every moment being in it.

With a blank of an eye, first night was over. Nooooooooo...... 

A brand new day started and nothing beats a nice hearty breakfast to start the day with. The buffet breakfast was at CS Cafe and offer a variety of food items to indulge away. From half boiled eggs, scramble eggs, porridge, salad, fried noodles, sausages, nasi lemak, pastries , cakes, cereals, milk, juices and so much more. 

Spot the bottom 2nd right item, that was the chocolate puff. I could go on eating that if I had more space in my tummy. hehe 

After a short rest, we then adjourned to the Mizuno Golf School for a Golf Clinic session. Golf is one of the majority attraction at Cinta Sayang Resort and this was my very first time trying it out. The only "golf club" that I have held before was the one that the kids play with, made from plastic haha

For golf they offer 18 Holes, PAR 72 as well as Driving Range. You may read more about it CSR Golf

Wahhhhh..look at me, no style at all hahahahahaha...

It definitely wasn't as easy as it looks. Simple as swing yes, but to manage to hit the golf ball, probably only once in a couple of swings LOL.. It was indeed a fun experience swinging and hitting balls.

We even had the chance to ride on the buggy to tour the course. Make way! Make way! I'm coming haha 

Bet you can believe this is in Malaysia. Looked like in some European countryside.

As for lunch, we then proceed back to CS Cafe for another round of delicious meal.

Grilled Beef Tenderlion

Grilled Salmon

Strawberry Cheesecake


The fun doesn't stop here as our next itinerary was fun at The Carnivall. It been ages since  I last entered a water theme park. 

Here are some of the highlights of The Carnivall:
4 Water Coasters
Lazy River
Kids Play Area
Wall Climbing

We were first entertained to a few dance performances. Shake it, shake it :)

Our sir here certainly has a style on the horse.

Up down left and right, all soaked wet and it was time to head back to our rooms to freshen up and ready for dinner.

What a beautiful sight of the sunset.

Chips & Bites welcomed us to a night of Steamboat Buffet with a live band as well. A time of picking all the item, putting it into the stock soup and let it boil.  Bon Appetit :)

From fresh seafood such as mussels, prawns, crabs, squids to meat items like chicken.

Not to forget your veggies too. 

Desserts were simply irresistible. Look at all those delicious mouth-watering desserts calling you. Eat me! Eat me! Nom nom nom.

Live band while dining surely makes dining uniquely different. The live band performs on every Friday nights and Saturday nights.

A good night sleep and the following day was check out. As they say, good things must come to an end but I wished it didn't have to end this fast. 

My sincere gratitude to Cinta Sayang Resort and its team members who were just so helpful during my stay there and taking the effort of planning and executing a fun weekend for us, making it such a memorable time spent there. It has been a remarkable experience of Stay, Play, Eat and Meet. One thing for sure, I am gonna go back for all those cakes especially the Trio. That one was heaven!

For more information:
Cinta Sayang Resort
Persiaran Cinta Sayang,
08000 Sungai Petani,
Tel : +604-441 4666

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