Contest - Sushi King "Curry With A Kick" & Vouchers Giveaway

Malaysia's all time favourite Japanese restaurant, Sushi King is bringing some spicy 'kick' to fellow Malaysians. Theme "Curry with a Kick", the promotion kick starts from the 1 April 2017 until 30 June 2017 features delicious variations of authentic Japanese fare tweak to a spicy twist to provide the best flavours and taste to suit our palates.

I was given the privilege to indulge the bursting flavours of the new creations and I guess it was like a "punch" and "kick" of aroma, flavours and scrumptious taste that will just delight diners especially curry lovers.

Oh and before you start drooling looking at the photos of the curry creations, keep reading to find out how you can stand a chance to win yourself RM50.00 vouchers courtesy of Sushi King. Could you be one of the 3 lucky winners?

Let me introduce to you the new promotional creations, Chicken Katsu (L) , Seafood Fry (C) & Yakiniku (R)

All you need to do before you enjoy your meal is to :

Step 1: Choose your dish
1) Chicken Katsu 
2) Seafood Fry
3) Yakiniku

Step 2: Choose your level of spiciness
1) Curry Tomato
2) Curry
3) Spicy Curry

Step 3: Time to get 'kicked"

Chicken Katsu
Deep-fried chicken and long beans served with rice and curry.
Chicken katsu has always been my favourite. In this dish, curry tomato was used to compliment the dish. It offered a nice tangy bit of sourness from the tomato and nice curry flavour. Ideal for those who doesn't like any spiciness.

Seafood Fry
Deep-fried fish, prawns, long beans with rice and curry.
While this dish served with curry, the mid spiciness was just perfect, to my liking. You can definitely feel that sort of Malaysian flavour in it.

Pan-fried beef and long beans with rice and curry
As for the Yakiniku, we were served with the Spicy Curry. Now this Spicy Curry was the total 'kick". One mouth and I was drenched in sweat haha. For those who love spicy, this is the bomb. The pan-fried beef was already delicious on it own, together with the curry, perfect!

Curry Kiryu Udon
Flat udon with tempura prawn and crabstick in curry
This dish was pretty unique in a way, the broth was flavourful yet I must admit the flat udon noodles was something really interesting.

Grilled Cheese Curry
The presence of the cheese does offer a nice salty cheesy flavour ontop of the fragrant curry flavour.

Agedashi Beef Curry
Fried beancurd, with pan-fried beef, mushroom and cheese in curry. This was heavenly good. Taste as good as it looks.

Curry Ebi Fry Nigiri
Deep-fried prawn with curry mayonnaise.

Curry Tori Katsu Gunkan
Deep fried chicken with curry mayonnaise

Aburi Curry Tamago
Flame grilled egg with cheese and curry mayonnaise

Curryfornia Roll
Crabstick, cucumber, egg , and flying fish roe with curry piri-piri sauce
 Make sure you dip the sauce, as every bite of it offers a nice aroma and crunch.

Sushi King also introduces a pretty neat dessert creation of doughnut and ice cream. In comparison between both, I personally loved the Matcha Ice Cream Doughnut as the Matcha ice cream was something more refreshing compared to vanilla.

    Matcha Ice-Cream Doughnut

Vanilla Ice-Cream Doughnut

So don't forget to pop over to your nearest Sushi King outlet to experience the "kick" from their "Curry with a Kick". A whole load of curry experience awaits you :)

The good peeps at Sushi King has some vouchers to be given away and this is my first time doing a Contest for a Giveaway wohooooo. All it takes is some simple steps and you could be the lucky one to win Sushi King vouchers worth RM 50.00. 

Step 1 : LIKE BArryBoi's Daily Moments on Facebook. 
Step 2 : Like the contest post on Facebook 
Step 3 : Comment " I'm ready for "Curry with a Kick"  #BarryBoiSK #MySKCurry "and tag at least 5 friends at the contest post on Facebook.
 *Double your chance of winning by uploading a photo that contains any of the "Curry with a Kick" promotional food item.
Step 4 : Share the contest post to your timeline on Facebook (Set it to "Public")

3 Lucky Winners will be randomly selected to win RM 50.00 Sushi King voucher each

Winners will be announced on the 21 April 2017.

Terms & Conditions:
*Contest is open to Malaysians residing in Malaysia only.
* Contest is from 14 April 2017 and ends at (10.00pm) 18 April 2017
* Failure to comply with instructions or methods of the contest will be disqualified.
* Organiser's decision is final and no further correspondence will be entertained
*Multiple entries are allowed, no repetitions of names tagged
* 1 (One) person can only win 1 (One) prize

You may also participate in Sushi King's very own contest Sushi King Curry-Hot-KICK Challenge by clicking HERE

Many thanks to Sushi King for the review and for the vouchers :)

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