Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner at Ixora Hotel Penang

It was a pleasant surprise when I received my first ever invitation to review Ixora Hotel. I had the privilege to review their newly launched Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner. I was thrilled as wasn't sure what to expect and was in much anticipation to explore what Ixora Hotel has to offer.

Located in Bandar Perai Jaya, it is easy to locate the hotel as it stands majestically beside Megamall. So do join me as I enter the hotel and see what their Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner has to offer.

The dinner is held at The Straits Cafe & Lounge. The entrance welcomes one to a relaxing chic lounge. A few more steps in and you will be greeted by all the scrumptious spread.

Let's have a look at what is available on the buffet spread.

Starting off with Salad Bar, where fresh items like various lettuce, alfafa sprouts, tamotoes, carrots, pinto beans, kenya beans, beetroot, corn and many more. All those and mix with the dressing of your choice, you are all set to open your appetite.

You also get those cute adorable appetizers such as Japanese baby octopus salad, potato salad and mixed fruit salad.

On to the other section is where the cold cuts awaits. Items such as chicken slice, beef salami and smoked salmon platter.

Seafood lovers will certainly rejoice when approaching the seafood on ice area as fresh succulent seafood items such as oysters, mussels, scallops and whole load more other of seafood just lay there waiting for you to just enjoy away.

I can't be any happier to find Camembert cheese on the cheese platter YAY!

When it comes to mushroom soup, I believe many eateries now offers pretty decent mushroom soup nowadays and the soup here was lovely as well. Nicely flavoured.

If you prefer something more local, there is the Double Boiled Fresh Ginseng with Black Chicken Soup. It's like the ultimate healthy soup one would ever need.

While on the main dishes, you will find items such as steamed fragrant oil rice, stir-fried beehoon, steamed custard egg, braised fish maw & crab meat with vegetables, oven bakes potatoes and corn on cob. With each item offering various flavours, it just pampers your palate away.

Back at the outdoor al-fresco area, thats where the flames come alive. A place where various meats meet seafood on the grill haha.. Enjoy sausages, chicken, lamb, beef, bamboo clam, flower crab, salmon fillet as well as slipper lobster. I doubt you can resist that.

Well there is nothing like a bowl of our local Penang popular delicacy, Laksa. The chef will put the noodles and soup, then it's up to you to put your favourite condiments onto it. 

The moment I walked in, this flowing fountain caught my attention. The Green Tea Chocolate fountain was the bomb. It's a norm to usually see the dark chocolate flowing but I must admit this was very unique. 

Just look at the ingredients for the Leng Chee Kang dessert. I could hear them say "eat me! eat me" and eat I shall. Infact nothing beats ending the meal with all those mouth-watering desserts and it's quite an amount of variety to indulge.

Another icy cool treat in store, which is the ice cream potong.

So mark you calendars as the Seafood & BBQ  Buffet Dinner is on-going from now until 
27 May 2017.

Seafood & BBQ Buffet Dinner
Adults : RM 78 nett
Children : RM 48 nett
Senior Citizen : RM 48 nett

Thanking Ixora Hotel for hosting.

For more information:
Ixora Hotel
3096, Jalan Baru, 
Bandar Perai Jaya, 
13600 Perai, Penang
Tel : +604-382 8888

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