Patio Bar De Tapas Penang - A Place for Food, Tapas and Drinks

Located along the bustling area of Weld Quay, Patio bar de tapas which is just a stone's throw away from the many Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site trails such as Clan Jetties and many more. Behind the old colonial structure facade, lies a nice hangout place that offers such cozy ambiance which is ideal for a place to sit back, relax and unwind. Of course it is only complete with the scrumptious food and drinks by Patio.

While there are quite a number of food selection made available, Patio's tapas, among the other food on the menu, are definitely worth trying and addictive at the same time. The word tapas may not be a common term to many, so if it's something new to you, the word tapas originates from Spain which means snack or appetizer.

A step pass the front door and the bar is the first thing you would spot.

A turn to the left and it brings you to the patio, the courtyard area which is pretty fascinating I must say. I suppose that was how the place got its name. The exposed brick walls, wall planters and designs by the wall,  does bring some uniqueness to the place. 

On the far end, there's an upper deck which can fit a group of people for private events. Below are the photos of the upper deck.

Now it's time to explore the items that would pamper the palates.

Salmon rebozado aderezado con pure de manzana
Crispy beer battered salmon with apple puree dressing
RM 24++

The first tapas item that I tried. First glance at it and it already opens the appetite. For a minute, I initially thought it was kaya on it until I read the menu to know what it actually was. If you love salmon, then this dish definitely brings something unique on overall. The crispiness of the beer batter gives you that nice crunch filled with salmon and a tangy sweet sourness from the apple puree.

Hongos salvajes con tomillo y ajo
Stir-fried garlic thyme wild mushroom 
RM 15++

I just knew that this tapas would suit my palate, chunks of mushroom stir-fried with garlic and thyme giving you such nice fragrant aroma and flavour too. Take some of it and have it on the slice, oh so good! 

Open Tortilla horneada con champinones, tocino y queso mozzarella
Open baked tortilla with mushroom, bacon and mozarella cheese
RM 32++

One look and you know you are in for a amazing cheesy time. Instead of using the norms of pizza dough bread, tortilla is used offering a nice thin base topped with generous amount of ingredients such as mushroom, bacon and heaps of mozarella on it. 

Arroz paella de mariscos con gambas
Seafood paella rice with jumbo prawn
RM 58++

This is like an ultimate serving of goodness in a pan. Behold for a wonderful treat of rice, loads of clams and prawns too. It was nicely seasoned and offer such beautiful flavour, spoon upon spoon of it. So good that 1 pan of it won't be enough to satisfy the tummy.

Costillas de cerdo
Charbroiled Tangy pork ribs 
RM 58++

Well you don't get a slab of it but the pieces of it and definitely makes sharing easier. A cut into it and you could see how tender the ribs are. The ribs are charbroiled with a nice smokey yet tangy sauce with a tad of sweetness that is just smackin' good.

Marisco pasta de tinta de calamar
Tinta negro seafood black pasta
RM 32.00++

The silky black squid ink pasta is an eye-catcher. The dish offers a simple taste, nothing sophisticated yet the al dente of the pasta and the amount of seafood in it sure does make one crave for more.

Apart from the delicious feast, Patio is also a place to sit back to unwind to a variety of drinks.

Wild Boy 
RM 28++

Snow White 
RM 25++
Vodka, apple juice, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice

Knock Knock
RM 32++
This drink contains Absinthe, which is highly alcoholic.

RM 28++
rum, brown sugar, lime wedges, soda water

What you have seen is just part of the menu that Patio has to offer. There many more items on the menu for you to try out. Patio bar de tapas certainly offers a relaxing ambiance to sit back and enjoy. So make a trip over to enjoy all those delicious food and unique drinks.

Thanking Patio bar de tapas for hosting.

For more information:
Patio bar de tapas
49F weld quay, Georgetown
Tel : +6012-311 0442
Operation hours: Sun - Thu : 5.30pm-2am / Fri & Sat: 5.30pm-3am 

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