Ramadhan Buffet Delights at G Hotel Gurney & G Hotel Kelawai Penang

Is that time of the year where Taste Café in G Hotel Gurney and Spoon in G Hotel Kelawai offers a gastronomic adventure of delicious and authentic Malay cuisine during the Holy Month of Ramadhan. It was certainly good to be back at Taste Cafe once again. 

Looking at all the mouth-watering dishes was just so welcoming. You will see why it's just so hard to resist all the temptations back here :)

Spot all the flying "UFOs" above haha.. those are the Tudung Saji which the hotel brought in all the way from Kedah and back at the lobby area, you will spot the traditional Wau by the ceiling. It was indeed a pretty sight seeing it up there.

Alright, I think it's time to make you drool :)

So, shall we have a look at what the talented chefs has whipped up for this Ramadhan. Let the feasting begin.

To begin with, dates are a staple food when it comes to breaking fast.

By just looking at the appealing appetizers, it already stimulates the appetite automatically. Enjoy away fresh Ulam-Ulaman with Sambal Belachan, Air Asam, Acar Limau, Cincaluk, Budu &
Kicap Manis. There is also a mixture of various kerabu such as Kerabu Kacang Panjang,  Acar Jelatah, Chicken Salad and Mediterranean Lamb Salad. Each offered its very own unique flavours; from sourness to a tinge of spiciness.

If you love your greens, then you would love the variations of fresh garden salad at the salad bar section. Pick your desired salad and your favourite dressing to go with it.

Don't miss out on the cheese selection too. Sure do miss my Camembert cheese :)

To the side of it, you will find Smoked Tenggiri, Chicken Slices and Salmon too. 

For those who love salted fish, there's 3 types of it to pick from.

By just looking at the presentation of the pasembur, I was so ready to enjoy it. Pick your ingredients, pour over some thick fragrant sauce over it and voila, your pasembur is ready. I personally love the thick sauce. Nicely flavoured and most importantly, the richness and thick consistency offered the dish a wonderful taste on overall.

The Bubur Lambuk Udang was amazing. Simple as it looks but packed with such nice flavours in every mouth.

Love seafood? Then you would probably want to attack the Seaood on Ice section first. 

Just open the lid of the Sup Kambing Rempah and a punch of fragrant aroma just spreads around. Nice rich stock with lovely flavours from the spices in it.

The other soup option was the Hot & Sour Soup. A scoop of the soup and you will find it to be packed with ingredients The mild spiciness of the soup does give that nice kick to the soup.

Now off to some warm main dishes. Looking at is just makes you wished you had a bigger storage in your stomach to fill everything in. 

Nasi Briyani Udang
Nasi Briyani is like a luxury dish that needs all the other delightful flavours of the other dishes to turn it into a magical dish bursting with flavours. 

Fried Instant Noodles  

Daging Kerutup
When it comes to beef and rendang, is in only best when the beef is tender and the right combination of spices such as galangal & cloves. The beef is then braised for 6 hours to reach that nice tenderness that is just gentle on every bite. This Kelantan specialty is not to be missed.

Ayam Curry Kerisik
If beef isn't your option, your can always decide to settle with the Ayam Curry Kerisik.

Udang Tiga Rasa

Sotong Goreng Berempah
The squids were coated in a batter with mild spices that was just right enough to give you a nice taste on every bite into it.

Stir-fried Potatoes with Cockles Curry Leave
The potatoes were cooked to the right texture and the curry coated the potatoes gave the dish a nice fragrant aroma which was addictive.

Szechuan Style Stewed Zucchini

Ikan Pedas Asam 
The Ikan Pedas Asam was 

Mac n Cheese

Roti Jala
Round and round it goes in the making. Fluffy and soft texture that just taste so good with the curry. More please :)

Rojak Buah

While on the outside area, the feast continues with the roasted whole lamb with sauce and condiment. The lamb was nicely seasoned and slowly roasted giving you that juiciness and nice tender bites. 

Beside it is a galore of Malay Feast Panggang, with grilled delights consisting of various seafood and various meats. Well if you did not know, Taste Café is the first to have Lava Stone BBQ Grill. The lava stones are specially brought in from Indonesia and unlike charcoal. the stones enhances the quality of food by holding the natural flavours, retain its moisture and nutrients in the food. You wouldn't get that charcoal burnt aroma stuck on your food too.

The grilling continues with our all-time local favourite item, chicken and beef satay. With thick peanut sauce, oh heavenly good.

Beef lovers are so gonna attack the premium slab of juicy and tender roast beef. It was roast to perfection that every carve of it, makes you be coming back for more.

Fancy some nice hearty Prawn Noodles? Dig into the flavourful stock of prawns that will just keep you wanting more.

Bite into the crunch pieces of banana and potato fritters. Perhaps you could try it with vanilla ice cream too if they do happened to serve it on that day.

Finally it is the time to pamper yourselves with all the sweet treats they have for you. It feels like you were Alice in Wonderland. The creations were just simply beautiful; lip-smackin delicious. Sink you teeth into items such as Mango Panna Cotta, Marble Cheese Cake, Dates Pudding, Linzer Tart, Franzipane Tart

Dates Pudding was beyond words. From the outside it look like some cake with walnut on it. But once you tried it, they better make sure they have enough of it, for me especially hahaha.. The cake itself was moist, while the toffee like caramel sauce on it gave the dessert such a delicious taste.

See that spiky toink-toink dessert? Guess what is it? If you guessed durian, then you are absolutely right. The Durian Mousse is the house-specialty which is a favourite among the diners as well.

Assorted Malay kuihs and cold beverages are also made available.

Fresh juicy and sweet tropical fruits.

You wouldn't want to miss out on the freshly pulled teh tarik. Taste so good while it's hot.

It is certainly a feast you could look forward to,  be it for berbuka puasa or for dinner with friends and family. Be ready to be taken on a gastronomic adventure at Taste Cafe as well as at Spoon. 

Both G Hotel Gurney & G Hotel Kelawai also offers Ramadhan Meeting Package from RM 105nett per person onwards. This package includes the usage of a conference room for up till eight hours with the latest meeting facilities and a buffet lunch which can be exchanged to buffet dinner voucher.

Private Buka Puasa Buffet Dinner is priced at RM 75nett per person. With a minimum of 30 persons, this buffet dinner is inclusive of free flow air bandung, individually packed red dates and usage of surau. Both the Private Buka Puasa Dinner and Ramadhan Meeting Package are available till 24 June 2017.

Ramadhan Buffet Dinner
27 May - 24 June 2017
6.30pm - 10.30pm

 Taste Cafe
Sun - Thu ; Adult - RM 120nett
Fri & Sat : Adult : RM 155nett
Sun - Thu : Child (6-12yrs) & Senior Citizen (60yrs & above) - RM 60nett 
Fri & Sat : Child (6-12yrs) & Senior Citizen (60yrs & above) - RM 78nett 

Spoon Cafe
Sun - Thu ; Adult - RM 75nett
Fri & Sat : Adult : RM 99nett
Sun - Thu : Child (6-12yrs) & Senior Citizen (60yrs & above) - RM 60nett 
Fri & Sat : Child (6-12yrs) & Senior Citizen (60yrs & above) - RM 78nett 

Hari Raya BBQ Dinner 
25 - 26 June 2017
6.30pm - 10.30pm

Taste Cafe
 Adult - RM 120nett
Child (6-12yrs) & Senior Citizen (60yrs & above) - RM 60nett 

Spoon Cafe
 Adult - RM 75nett
Child (6-12yrs) & Senior Citizen (60yrs & above) - RM 60nett 

Thanking G Hotel Gurney for their warm hospitality.

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