Richard Rivalee Designer & Chef at M Mall O2O Penang

Richard Rivalee, a well-known designer cum chef has added another milestone to his collection of accomplishments with the success of the newly opened Richard Rivalee restaurant at M Mall O2O in Penang. It was relocated from the previous location at Bangkok Lane. Spotting a brand new atmosphere and set-up, diners are welcomes to a cozy ambiance with a nice nostalgic touch which offers the feeling of dining in the olden days.

Richard Rivalee offers a delectable comfort taste of home-cooked Nyonya food which would just please the palates. This is my first time trying and I my plate was sparkling clean, eh no la I didn't jilat the plate clean lah haha :)

Though located in a brand new mall, it is nice to see that different era of design on the front and interior as well.

Stepping in is like an experience of travel back in time, seeing the vintage decoration and set up is truly fascinating.

There is also a dining space on the upper floor and a function room where you may also book for private functions.

Now it's time to see all the beautiful and gorgeous creations from Richard Rivalee's kitchen.

Kindly take note that the portion seen in the photos are meant for larger crowd.

Pig Stomach Soup - RM 38.00
The stock boast nice flavours but it came with a punch from the pepper.

Five Spiced Loh Bak - RM 20.00
One piece, 2 pieces, 3 pieces, 4, 5, 6, down it goes into my tummy. The fillings were nicely seasoned and compactness of it giving each bite a nice crunch filled with much ingredients.

Nyonya Mixed Vegetable Pickle (Acar) RM 16.00
Once you pop this in your mouth, you won't be able to stop. The acar was addictive; crispy crunch unlike the norms you find that are all soft.

Jicama Fried With Cuttlefish - RM 18.00
This is also one of those all-time favourite. Spoon by spoon, one can't stop not enjoying it. Though without sauce, wrapping it with lettuce was delicious.

Babi Pongteh - RM 28.00
The name maybe new to some yet its a a very common fare when it comes to Nyonya cuisine. The pork is braised until the flavours are infused into the tender pieces of meat. It's something so special and delicious.

Acar Fish - RM 24.00

Asam Pedas Cook with Kambung Fish - RM 24.00

Green Curry Chicken - RM 24.00
The green curry was mild yet offered such nice fragrant from the mixture of spices used for the curry.

Fish Stomach Asam Curry - RM 24.00

Asam Prawn - RM 24.00
Succulent prawns coated with sticky asam sauce was just wonderful. This is one dish which is hard to say no to, unless one is allergic to seafood.

Sambal Petai Cook with Prawn - RM 28.00
I think they must have labelled the menu wrongly, it should have been called Sambal Prawn with Petai as they were rather generous with the amount of prawns in the dish. 
Well isn't that a good thing :)

Braised Pork Belly in Soy Sauce - RM 28.00
The tender pork belly, firm bean curd and hard boiled egg is the ultimate combination with the lovely soy sauce which was just wonderful. Pouring the sauce on the rice and eating it was so good.

Sago & Gula Melaka - RM 12.80
You may wonder it's just some blue square thingy coated in coconut and some brown sauce, but once you had a taste of it, I believe 1 serving won't be enough to satisfy your palate. The Gula Melaka was the bomb. It tasted so good. The taste of the Gula Melaka was so fragrantly beautiful on your tongue.

Bubur Cha Cha - RM 9.90
A place for you to enjoy Bubur Cha Cha 

Assorted Nyonya Kuih

The next time you are looking for a spot for Nyonya cuisine, especially the one that offers that home-cooked taste as good as how it taste back at home, you now know where to head to or even if it's just a stop for dessert.

Thanking Rivard Rivalee for the warm hospitality.

For more information:
Richard Rivalee
79-G-45 , Ivory Tower (M Mall)
10150 Penang, Malaysia
12pm - 9.30pm (last order)
Tel : +04-370 7140