Sinaran Ramadan at Ixora Hotel Penang

This is my second trip to Ixora Hotel Penang and my very first Ramadhan review back here. Which means all those heavenly Malay cuisine to indulge away. The chefs back at Ixora Hotel has whipped up a feast that will surely please your palates. I know my tummy was happy at the end of the night :)

Set at The Straits Cafe, the variation of food simply attracts the eye. Just looking at the food on the buffet line makes one eager to kick start the meal.

I'm sure you are all excited to know what is in store for you during this Ramadhan. So shall we?

Starting off with dates, a staple especially during Ramadhan. One thing for sure was that the dates back here was served in a unique manner. They actually dipped and coat it with items like nuts. It truly something really different from the norm.

There is also a section with various Ulam-ulaman and sambal to go with it.

Stimulate the appetite with some sweet and sour buah jeruk.

The list goes on with variations of salad and kerabu such as Salad Kacang Keliasa dengan Tuna, Ikan Perkasam Goreng Bawang, Ikan Bilis Tempe Berlada and Acar Rampai, Each offering different mixture of taste.

Rojak Buah

No Ramadhan buffet is complete without Bubur Lambuk. Their Bubur Lambuk was nicely seasoned with such nice flavours on every spoon.

Sup Soto Ayam Berempah

Time to explore what they have ready for the main dishes. Each item was attractive that it was hard to resist.

You will find favourites such as Gulai Ayam Betik Muda, Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Api, Sambal Tumis Ikan Talapia, Sotong Goreng Kunyit, Telur Kurma, Masak Lemak Cili Api Tauhu , Kupang Goreng Bercili dengan Nenas, Siput Lala Berjintan, Masak Lemak Asin-asin dengan Labu, and Kobis Goreng dengan Telur.

Nasi Lobak Merah was simple but it tasted delicious. Imagine having that with all the other dishes that was bursting in flavours. Oh so good!

Gulai Ayam Betik Muda was something unusual as you don't always come by a curry with papaya. The curry did had a tinge of sweetness from the papaya.

Cili Api Tauhu looks fiery but it just had the right spiciness. Soft texture of tauhu and the fragrant mixture of the sambal on it, so good on its own.

Kupang Goreng Bercili dengan Nenas was special. The pineapple usage in the dish did bring the dish up one notch with a nice sweet yet tangy taste.

I could not resist the Telur Kurma. Kurma is the type of kurma that is not spicy and fragrant at the same time. 

Oh look it's a flying kambing :) It's the Kambing Panggang Golek which is just so welcoming. If you are early, direct go for this first. It will be gone in a blink of an eye. Tender slices of the meat goes well with Mint Sauce, Black Pepper sauce and Rosemary sauce. 

Singapore Bee Hoon

Mee Bandung
All you have to do is put your favourite ingredients and pour the soup over. The soup had a light punch of spiciness with a little tangy sourness. Squeeze some lime juicy onto it and you're all set for a bowl of delicious Mee Bandung.

While the chicken Shawarma was so addictive. Pita bread stuffed with chunks of chicken and vege, topped with mayo. I would probably need more than 2 to satisfy my tummy haha..

When it comes to sweet treats, there's like a heapful of it back here. My eyes were wide opened when I spotted all the varieties of cookies, puddings, cakes and kuihs. I was indeed truly excited when I saw the jars of Kuih Raya. There was so many of them and it was yummy.

Just look at all the Malay kuihs. All those delicacies were just amazing. Can you actually believe there's 16 types of it in total. A whopping 16, thats a huge number of variety to enjoy.

Apart from local kuihs and desserts, you will also find some western fare as well.

Time for all those nice cool treats.

I am a little kid again upon seeing all those mini Cornetto in the freezer. All mine muahahahahah.

Cool down with some ais kacang or chendol. 

4 types of drinks for you to choose from.

Fresh juicy and sweet tropical fruits to enjoy.

While you are busy enjoying your meal, there is also a live performance by a band to entertain away,

So make a date over to Ixora Hotel today and be amazed by the choices of food made available at the buffet spread this Ramadan.

Sinaran Ramadan 
The Straits Cafe
1-21 June 2017
Adult : RM 82 nett
Child (4-12yrs) : RM 52 nett

Thanking Ixora Hotel for hosting.

For more information:
Ixora Hotel
3096, Jalan Baru, 
Bandar Perai Jaya, 
13600 Perai, Penang
Tel : +604-382 8888

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