Dim Sum Delicacies at Hotel Equatorial Penang

Here's some good news! You can now enjoy Dim Sum right until lunch. How neat is that. You no longer have to wake up early and drag yourself to the shop. Hahaha Maybe that only applies to me LOL

The talented chefs at Golden Phoenix at Hotel Equatorial Penang has stormed up the kitchen with brand new exciting dim sum additions making it to over 30 kinds of pork-free Dim Sum delicacies for you to savour away. Be it steamed items, deep-fried, baked or the mouth-watering desserts, just be ready for your palates to be pampered with the exciting and delicious flavours.

Infact, this is my very first time stepping into Golden Phoenix. 

The ambiance is fascinatingly stunning. Love the set up of the place. The interior has such nice strong Chinese decoration elements unlike the norms the usual Chinese Restaurant that has all modern settings. 

Time to check out the delicious temptations.

And the feast begins :) Just look at all the gorgeous creations.

Sa Lut Har Gok
Deep-fried Prawn with Mayonnaise
Nothing beats having the nice cripsy skin filled with juicy succulent prawn. A bite into with the mayo is simply irresistible. Crunch away :)

Lor Mai Fan
Steamed Glutinous Rice with Egg Crêpe
This is indeed something pretty unusual. As we are used to seeing the glutinous rice being served in a metal bowl, the one back here gotten a twist with the egg crêpe wrapped around it. It's a nice twist added to this item.

Gao Bat Lei Bao
Pan-fried Chicken Bun
Pan fried soft fluffy bun topped with generous amount of black and white sesame seeds offers a nice fragrant on every bite. While the chicken filling is nicely seasoned giving it a nice overall taste.

Long Shou Guen
Deep-fried scallop and kataifi prawn
Behind the nice crunch of kataifi is the delicious combination of scallop and prawn. It was really nice when you such you bite into it and you get this nice crispy bites on the outer and soft part in the middle. This item on overall was just hard to resist. Definitely an item that standouts on its own.

Lo Pak Gou
Deep-fried Turnip Cake with Chicken Sausage
Instead of the normal plain turnip cake with sauce, they added chicken sausage into it. 

Sin Jook Guen
Deep-fried Bean Curd Roll with Abalone Sauce
I always a big fan of deep-fried bean curd and this was just heavenly. The mixture of minced chicken and other ingredients inside offered a bite that just comes with bursting of flavours. While the abalone sauce gave a nice aroma.

Lap Mei Gao Choy Gao
Steamed Chive Dumpling with Chinese Sausage (chicken)
The usage of chives with tender meat filling topped with Chinese sausage on overall was simply beautiful. 

Bao Yu Zai Siew Mai
Steamed Mini Abalone Siew Mai
Seeing the mini abolone on the siew mai was really premium. 

Dim Sum Chef Vincent Tan showcases the making of Hong Yao Shui Gao,
Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Chili Oil.

Hong Yao Shui Gao
Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Chili Oil
The smooth texture of the steamed prawn dumpling while the chili oil flowed covering it was delicious. Lucky the oil wasn't that spicy, or I would have flood the restaurant with my sweat LOL

Daan Tart
Signature Egg Tart
The signature flaky crust and smooth fragrant egg tart filling couldn't get any better. Instead of using butter and milk, Chef Vincent has a healthier approach by substituting that with soya bean and olive oil. 

Those 6 may not be enough to satisfy me haha..more please :)

Mong Go Bou Din
Chilled Mango Pudding.
The chilled mango pudding was surprisingly good. For a moment I thought it was just going to be some normal mango pudding, but one scoop of it and you will be coming back for more. The pudding had the right consistency, with chunks on mangoes in it. If this was a buffet spread, I would surely attack this by the cups.. 10 cups maybe?

Chef Vincent Tan (L) begin his journey in the art of Dim Sum when he was just 19 years old. Chef Vincent Tan has over 10 years of culinary experience. He now showcases his seasoned skills, creativity and expertise at Golden Phoenix, Hotel Equatorial Penang.

So the next time you are planning to head for Dim Sum, do remember to pop by Golden Phoenix. 

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Thanking Hotel Equatorial Penang for hosting.

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