Farquhar Mansion Penang - The Luxury of Fine Dining & More

Located in the heart of Georgetown lies Farquhar Mansion, a historical building which has been given a new life and pampers your palate with a journey of gastronomic luxury at its best. Since opening its doors back in 6 July 2014, Farquhar Mansion has pleased the palates of many with their exquisite flavours of contemporary fine dining cuisine which was very much inspired by the famed French haute cuisine.

I had the privilege to experience the beautiful and scrumptious fine dining selection of the Chef's Tasting Menu. So join me on a journey where food is served in much detailed elegance, where selection of premium ingredients meets creativity that not only appeals the eyes but also leaving a memorable flavour and such pleasing experience on overall. 

As the sun sets in, the place turns into a magical beauty. Can't deny that it is beautiful building with the lighting lit.

A step in and you are welcome warmly with a big smile on the faces of the staff. The interior simply amazes anyone who walks into it.  The spectacular sight of luxury in style and elegance is amazing. Everything is just picturesque. 

Below was my table which the management has surprised me with, setting of lovely rose petals on the table. Pretty isn't it :)<3 p="">

After much admiration of the place, it was then time to indulge away the gorgeous creations.

Multi Grain & Ciabatta served with Black Truffle Butter
Each bun offered different texture on overall but once the black truffle butter melts away as you spread onto the warm buns, the fragrant aroma just kicks in.

A Muse Bouchee
Basil Cone | Salmon Tartare | Feta Cheese | Olive Soil | Ikura | Dill | Parmesan

The bite-sized hors d'œuvre are eye-catchingly interesting yet adorable at the same time. 

The basil cone looked like it was some miniature dessert like some ice cream cone from "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" haha.. it was actually fascinating to see it at such small size but had quite a number of ingredients in it such as parmesan, salmon roe, feta, ikura, and edible flower. One bite and you enter a world of bursting with wonderful flavours.

Sweet potato ball topped with garlic puree, caviar and gold flakes.
The sweet potato ball had a crispy outer that just crunch away upon sinking your teeth into it. The blend of taste of the sweet potato, caviar and garlic puree was subtle. The caviar did give a nice popping sensation to the item.

Codfish Ikura and Hollandaise
Hidden within the round crispy ball is codfish; nice, tender and firm bite. While the huge Ikura just pops away when pressed upon the roof of your mouth. Enjoy the fresh taste with a tinge of saltiness.

Mushroom Terroir
Portobello | Asparagus | Mushroom Espuma
As the friendly staff approach with it, it was rather captivating seeing it. A scoop into it and the heavenly taste of mushroom just sparks the craving for more. Right on the bottom is the portobello mushroom which strikes a deep bold flavour. Having that and the smooth mushroom espuma was just beautiful.

Seafood Emulsion | Caviar | Foccacia | Clam | Cress
A serving that is rich in seafood on overall. The seafood emulsion boost a nice blend of seafood flavours in it. While the grouper offered a nice unique flavour on its own. 

Foie Gras
Grape Chutney | Port Wine Emulsion | Apple | Cress | Crisp | Wakame Palova
Mention about Foie Gras, it automatically relates to a luxury food and it is a very popular French cuisine. If you didn't know, Foie Gras is actually the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened. The Foie Gras offers a smooth buttery delicate texture with a strong iron like taste.

But if Foie Gras ins't your thing you may opt for an alternate option.

Sorbet Tomato Palate Cleanser 
The tomato sorbet is refreshingly nice and it also functions to remove lingering flavors from the mouth to further enhance your culinary experience.

As for the main, there are 6 available options for you to choose from. 

Coq Au Vin with Foie Gras 
Wild Mushroom | Foie Gras Espuma | Port Wine Emulsion
RM 258++

The dish itself looks so appealing. I must admit that I enjoyed it very much. The chicken was braised to such delicate tenderness; the emulsion and espuma boost he dish to such wonderful flavour. Every bite of it was just so satisfying.

Black Olive Crusted Chilean Cod
Potato Bandade | Summer Green | Black Olive | Tomato Jam 
RM 268++
The nice slice of Cod chunk was irresistible. Nicely flavoured and the potato bandade that came with it was smooth and delicious. I could definitely use a huge bowl of it :p

32 Months Aged Parmesan Soufflé
A scoop into the mouth and the gentle fluffiness of the souffle just melts away. The Parmesan added certainly bring the taste and the aroma up one notch.

The final and last sweet item to end the meal with.

Pina Colada Cheese
Sable | Pineapple | Coconut | Caramelised Pineapple
It's an art that shouldn't be destroyed but well it is meant to be eaten right :) You have this nice smooth delicate dome with pineapple, coated with cheese and coconut shreds. Mild sweetness that offers a nice fragrance from the coconut and pineapple. Oh so good!

Cabernet Sauvignon RM 45++
Chardonnay RM 45++

They also have a wine cellar which is pretty huge. Lots of wine stored.

Farquhar Mansion Fine Dining & Lounge Royal Membership may also interest you. Many fastanstic VIP perks awaits you. Do check with them to understand further.

It was a night of splendor with the luxuriousness of ambiance, service and exquisite scrumptious cuisine. With the beautiful heritage building, gorgeous interior and ambiance, friendly crew and delicious creations, Farquhar Mansion fits for all occasions. Be it a casual, romantic dinner or a celebration, experience fine dining at its best at Farquhar Mansion.

Thank you Farquhar Mansion for the invitation and allowing me to be pampered with all the luxury dining back there :)

For more information :
Farquhar Mansion
33, Lebuh Farquhar,
10200 George Town,
Tel: +6019 - 5288 933

Operating Hours:
Lunch   : 12.00PM – 02.30PM
Hi Tea   : 03.00PM – 05.00PM (Tue – Sun)
Dinner  : 06.00PM – 10.30PM
Lounge : 10.00PM – 01.00AM

Dress Code:
Smart casual – covered shoes, long pants, collared and sleeved tops for gentlemen.
Presentable for ladies.

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