Chinese & Sze Chuan Cuisine Promotion at Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang

It's so good to be visiting Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang once again. My first trip which I think was about 2 years back was to review their buffet dinner and for this time around, it was time to pamper my palates with all the delicious Chinese delectable dishes especially their on-going promo on Sze Chuan Cuisines.

Renowned HALAL certified Chinese restaurant, Evergarden which is located on the First floor of the hotel offers wonderful flavours of from different style of cooking such as Chinese, Nyonya, Hainan Delights as well as Sze Chuan Delights.

Led by Chinese Chef Lim Kim Hai and his team, they stormed up the kitchen with all these wonderful creations.

Shall we have a look what they have in-store for us :)

A walk pass the entrance and you will be welcomed into a spacious dining area, clean and cozy.

We started with the Chinese Menu Specialty Dish. Get ready to drool :) haha

Laurel Precious Four Dish Combination
I always love the four combinations. As you get 4 ultimate different bites to enjoy.

Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Ginseng Herbs
A bowl of hearty nice hot soup filled with ingredients that just warms the heart away. The fragrant aroma just opens the appetite away. A taste of the soup offered such nice flavours. The sweetness and flavours from the chicken and herbs just made the soup heavenly good. 

Baked Stuff Crab Meat with Cream Sauce
One word, DELICIOUS! Shreds of crab meat mixed with cream sauce coated with crumbs, oh so good. One bite into it, you get the crispy crunch on the outside and nicely seasoned cream sauce and crab meat inside. I could just eat the whole big platter of it.. Keep it coming!

Roasted Peking Duck (Two Course)

Sauteed King Prawns with Mayonnaise and Fresh Fruits 
 There's just no way one is going to say no to this dish. Succulent juicy meaty prawns coated with nicely flavoured mayonnaise. This kind of dish is always my favourite, but they have certainly made this deliciously good.

Steamed Red Snapper in "Teow Chow" Style
Fresh fish in a nice stock with a tinge of sourness to just give that 'kick'.

Fried Vegetables with Mushroom in Basket

Time for desserts :)

Chilled Herbal Jelly with Honey and Longan
Well some people prefer it without honey, but of course it will be bitter without the honey. 

Chinese Pancake with Lotus Paste
One favourite item during a Chinese course meal. Crispy flaky outer with a mild sweet red bean paste on the inside.

For the August Promotion, the Sze Chuan Food Promotion introduces such appealing yet appetizing cuisine that makes one craving  for more. Szechuan Cuisine, which can also be called Sichuan Cuisine or Szcehwan cuisine, is a type of Chinese cuisine that comes from the Sichuan province of south western China. Many Sze Chuan dishes uses the usage of garlic and chili peppers. It is said that Sze Chuan dishes are known for its fish dishes and offers more beef dishes than other types of Chinese cuisine, which is probably due to the abundance of oxen in the region.

Hot & Sze Chuan Soup
Small - RM 30nett , Per bowl - RM 21nett
Well lucky it wasn't that spicy or I would have flood the restaurant with my sweat haha..

Deep Fried Golden Duck "Sze Chuan" Style
Half bird - RM 40nett
The duck was prepared to give a nice crunch on the outside and tender bite on the inner. Dip into their special sauce and I think one piece won't be enough to satisfy you.

Sauteed King Prawn with Mince and Chili.
Small - RM 70nett

Steamed Golden Snapper with Crispy Bean
Per no - RM 110nett
To me, when it comes to steamed fish, I think all that matters most is the fish has to be fresh and a mixture of good tasty soy sauce.

Fried Beef with Szechuan Sauce
Small - RM 35nett
Tender slices of beef, cooked with a nice coating of mild spicy Szechuan sauce.

Fried Shredded Chicken with Fish Gravy Sauce
Small - RM 30nett
The chicken dish with fish gravy sauce does give the dish a unique twist to it. A pretty unique taste on overall.

Braised Bean Curd with Mince Beef and Chili Bean Sauce
Small - RM 30 nett

Fried Fresh Bean with Mince Chicken and Dry Shrimp
Small - RM 25nett
A simple dish as it looks, but when you enjoy it together with the mince chicken and dry shrimp ingredients. It surely brings out such nice flavours.

Kudos to Chinese Chef Lim Kim Hai and his team for such wonderful creations. Not only did it looked good but the bursting of flavours was just so welcoming. The selection of fresh and quality ingredients; fine cooking skills just delights the palate away.

So don't forget to pop over to Evergarden, be it for dinner with the family or with friends. Don't miss out as the Sze Chuan promotion is only for the month of Aug 2017.

Many thanks to Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang for hosting.

For more information:
Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang
53, Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang.
Tel : +604-222 9988

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