Regiustea is Now in Penang at Queensbay Mall Penang

There something exciting in town and it just brought tea drinking up to a new level. Regiustea Tea, a brand that hails from Hong Kong has opened it's very first Penang outlet at Queenbay Mall recently. While this being the 3rd outlet, the peeps at KL and Johor has been enjoying it way earlier that us. Being a pioneer in the industry, Regiustea is no stranger when it comes to Cheese Tea beverage.

I was truly privileged to be given the chance to indulge into the delicious blends of creations that day. Be prepared to be spoilt with choices as you approach the cashier.

The outlet welcomes customers to a nice cozy ambiance setting.

Here are the 8 recommended drinks that were introduced to us. The correct method of drinking it is to drink it at a 45degree angle, giving the best of both worlds at every sip down. 

Jasmine Green Tea Cheese 

Regius Milk Tea

 Signature Pearl Milktea

White Peach Oolong Durian
Now this drink is something truly extraordinary. For those who loves durian, you may want to attack this drink. Though the name kind of makes things so complicated, like a mixture of so many things, but somehow you will be surprise how it compliments well. 

Signature Chocolate
Could not help it but I just had to conquer this drink haha.. It's like the ultimate chocolate drink to me. Nice thick chocolatey drink, covered with cheese cream and generous portion of Oreo chunks. One sip into it and you just can't stop. You have that rich taste of chocolate with the blend of creamy cheesy blending in smoothly. Oh heavenly good.

Regius Coffee

Sakura Strawberry
Sakura and strawberry in a drink? Oh yes, you read that right. I love the sweet nice strawberry taste together with the cream base, simply just offers a nice aroma and flavour on every sip down.

Ujimatcha Cheese
The fragrance of the tea was just lovely. Having the cheese cream on it, certainly gave a whole new indulgence. 

Here's behind the scene of making such a wonderful cup of Regiustea beverage. The cheese cream has a nice smooth yet thick texture with a tinge of saltiness.

The usage of matcha powder in the drink on general gives that unique kick to the drink.

Time to enjoy my Signature Chocolate away :)

So head over to the 3rd floor of Queensbay Mall to enjoy a cup or two of delicious Regiustea.

Thanking Regiustea for  hosting.

For more information:
3F-26, Queensbay Mall 100, 
Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas
Daily : 10.30am-10pm

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