George R. Tow's “Gems of Heirloom” Art Exhibition Launch and Afternoon Treats at G Hotel Gurney

It was an occasion where art meets food held recently at G Hotel Gurney Penang. I was indeed very privileged to be there for the double joyous occasion. G Hotel Gurney proudly presents our very own Penang born local artist, George R. Tow for his very first solo art exhibition entitled “Gems of Heirloom”. Held at the G Art Gallery on Level 1, art enthusiasts can look forward to 16 master pieces on display back here. 

George started off the launch with a short life story about himself. Where the life changing happened 10 years ago, he found out that he had barely a year to live. That was when a miracle took place and here he was with us today, sharing his passion for painting that gave him hope and another chapter in life.

His then found love for art has cultivated a strong desire and passion of paintings with different colour schemes, types and and methods. His crafts are beautifully painted with brushes covered in acrylic paint, gouache, oil pastels and Chinese ink. George has injected space and time concept into his paintings while expressing his emotions as he works on his crafts. He hopes and wishes that his art collectors can pass on his paintings to their heirs, generation after generation.

The excitement began during the launch gimmick where George had each of us to pen down our very own name on his artwork which he then presented to G Hotel Gurney Penang as a souvenier of appreciation. I suddenly felt that my signature has some value all of a sudden haha.. 

Tadahhhh.. the artwork was ready. Our signatures were written at the back part of the bag.

The art painting that you see George holding below would be presented to one lucky buyer. It's certainly one of a kind.

George’s exhibition in G Hotel Gurney is from 5 September 2017 till 31 October 2017 at G Art Gallery, Link Bridge at Level 1. 

We then adjourned to the G Lounge located by the hotel lobby where we were pampered with all the delicious bakes and creations that were simply delightful. Led by G Hotel Gurney's pastry chef, Chef Khoo Kang Theng and team, has certainly brought smiles to those who sank their teeth into the delicious bakes. It certainly taste good when ingredients used are of the finest. quality. I certainly know for sure that I was. :)

Starting off with the ever popular French pastry, Macaroons. Available in 2 different flavours – Blueberry and Apricot at RM12 for 4 pieces. These are freshly daily, so assured you get only the freshest back here.

Moving on to the cute and beautiful cupcakes. The best part of it is, there's 10 types of choices for you to pick from. There's Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Hazelnut, Mocha, Green Tea, Pistachio, Orange and Blueberry. Each cupcake were decorated delicately using cream and garnished with the freshest ingredients to entice. 

To make things even sweeter, the Bitter Sweet promotion offers a cup of hot coffee or tea with a cupcake of your choice at RM25.

Awwwww..that's so cute :)

There's also the 3 types of mini cupcakes (RM12 for 2 cupcakes) which are available in Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. 

There are 12 new additions to the menu that leaves one craving for more. The Spinach Dip (RM24) that is made of cheese, spinach & cream on toasted French bread. This was so good that we had 3 of it, Once you start, you just can't resist it.  

Tuna Brioche (RM26)

Crab Cakes

 Mushroom Quiche (RM24),

Chilli Wedges
one, two, three, four and you can't stop. When it's hot from the deep fryer, each bite of crunch is just so addictive.

Fish n’ Chips (RM40)

Charcoal Burger (RM35)
Comes with a choice of homemade beef or chicken patty, topped with beef slice, fried egg, gruyere, gherkin pickles, palm tomato & baby lettuce.

Juicy patty within the stacked layer of buns packed with ingredients, makes every bite into the burger so satisfyingly good.

California Roll (RM28)
A Japanese sushi roll with crab stick, avocado, cucumber, mango & Japanese mayonnaise will be the choice for those who opt for non-greasy food.

Of course, there's nothing like having some drinks to go along with those bites. You will find a wide range of drinks for you to pick from the menu; beers, wines, aperitifs, liquors, whisky, cocktails, mocktails, other non-alcoholic drinks and more. 

Head on to the G Bar Creations (RM35 each) and choose from the in-house special curated alcoholic drinks including Atlantic Breeze, Chocolada, Malaysian Dream and Rum Jungle.

One of my personal favourite is the Sri Pinang, Penang’s signature mocktail that is made from a blend of sour sop, calamansi juice, longan and topped up with ice-cream soda for a real refreshing beverage. One glass is never enough. I would probably need jugs of it. Guess what? I'm craving for it as I type haha.

Now with the new additions to the menu at G Lounge, there's even more reason for you to pop over and indulge away all those mouth-watering items on the menu.

Many thanks to G Hotel Gurney for their warm hospitality.

Kindly contact +604 238 0000 or approach Reception directly to purchase the paintings or for more information and bookings of G Lounge.

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