Celebrate Christmas and New Year 2018 at Hard Rock Hotel Penang

With a blink of an eye, we are fast approaching the merry and joyous season of Christmas and what better way to celebrate with a bountiful feast to indulge away specially for you at Starz Diner, Hard Rock Hotel Penang. For this year, the chefs has storm up the kitchen with new creations to please your palates with all the beautiful flavours and taste.

I'm truly glad to be reviewing my very first Christmas review for the year  2017 and again Hard Rock Hotel Penang has never failed to be the first to lit the Christmas mood up. Weeeeeeeeeeee

Okay, I'm sure you can't wait to see what awaits you for this year's Christmas. So shall we?

What you will be seeing is some of the highlights you can expect during this coming Christmas and New Year's Eve dining. Definitely that season to be jolly with all those good food. :)

 Starting off with a selection of antipasto.

Beetroot Tartare with Mango & Seared Scallops
The usage of Mango does give the item a nice twist of sweetness and fragrance of the mango. A pleasant taste when all eaten combined.

Watermelon Kerabu in Thai Sauce
Nice juicy and sweet watermelon just pleases the palate and makes you wanting more of it. The existence of the Thai sauce gives that mild spicy kick.

Chirasi Sushi in Shooters
Chirasi sushi was pretty cool as you get a variety of ingredients all in a bowl. Instead of eating one sushi of a kind per time, you can get to enjoy a few types all in a serving.

Maguro Carpaccio Aburi, Avocado with Japanese Dressing

Turkey Consomme with Mushroom Dumpling
What I love about this dish was the rich flavour that came from the stock and the fragrance of the mushroom, everything was just 

While on the main spread, the 3 highlights are certainly something not to be missed.

Seafood and Rice A'la Cacciatore'
A whole load of ingredients pack the top of the dish. For a moment it looks just like a paella.

Oven Baked Rack of lamb with Caramelized Onion, Mint Jelly & Soft Polenta
The lamb was nicely seasoned that every bite offered a nice tender bite and flavour. If you love lamb, then you will love this.

Confit of Duck Leg & Pink Radish with Cinnamon Apple

Roasted Whole Turkey & Spiced Chestnut Bread Stuffing with Giblet Gravy, Cranberry Glaze & Buttered Baby Vegetables
Somehow, Christmas meal isn't complete without Turkey and the Turkey prepared was simply gorgeous. It was just right, moist and tender. While the gravy and glaze was just beautiful. More slices please :)

Last but not least, an array of simply irresistible Christmas sweet treats to end the meal with.

Chocolate & Cherry Yule Log

English Fruit Cake with Glazed Fruit 
The fruit cake was such a hit. It was moist and wasn't too sweet. It has just the right texture and taste.  Some fruit cakes can be dry but I certainly enjoyed the one back here.

Strawberry Fruit Meringue
Adorable aren't they :)

Blueberry Panna Cottas

Introducing the chefs behind the scene.

So, don't forget to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve to a delicious festive treat at Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

Christmas Eve Rock 'N Roll Buffet
Starz Diner
Adult : RM 198 nett 
Child : RM 98 nett (6-12 yrs old)

Christmas Lunch Buffet 
Adult : RM 98 nett 
Child : RM 48 nett (6-12 yrs old)

Christmas Eve 4-Course Dinner 
Hard Rock Café
RM 185 nett 

New Year's Eve International Buffet
Starz Diner
Adult : RM 198 nett 
Child : RM 98 nett (6-12 yrs old)

New Year's Eve Seafood Buffet
Adult : RM 239 nett 
Child : RM 139 nett (6-12 yrs old)

New Year's Eve 4-Course Dinner
Hard Rock Café
RM 199 nett 

Christmas Retreat
Pop over to Rock Spa and receive a RM50 voucher when you purchase a Buff Bar Treatment (1hour body massage & 30 minutes body scrub) at RM 270 per person. Time to pamper yourself :)

Shopping time!
Shop like there's no tomorrow.
Start your engines and start shopping. Weeeeeeeee!
Enjoy these special festive rebates when you shop from 25/11/17-1/1/18.
Spend RM 450 & get instant rebate of RM 50
Spend RM 850 & get instant rebate of RM 120
Spend RM 1,500 & get instant rebate of RM 250

Time to party!
Christmas Eve Party 
Hard Rock Café
10pm onwards
Walk in : RM 85nett
Hotel Guest & Diners : RM 55nett

New Year's Eve Party
Hard Rock Café
10pm onwards
Walk in : RM 100nett
Hotel Guest & Diners : RM 65nett

New Year's Eve Party
8pm onwards
RM 99nett
Stage pass & Diners : RM 65nett
Welcome the brand new year of 2018 with DJ Nash, The Jazzhats and DJ Honey G from Bangkok, Thailand. Time to enjoy fireworks, among many other activities in store for you.
Grab your tickets now by emailing to marcom.penang@hardrockhotels.net

So much awaits you at Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Be it dining, party , spa or shopping, the deals are hard to say no to :)

For enquiries and reservations, kindly contact +604-8868 057 or email fb.penang@hardrockhotes.net

Thanking Hard Rock Hotel Penang for hosting.

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Tel : + 604 - 881 1711

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Wishing you A Merry Joyous Blessed Christmas and A Happy New Year 2018.