Christmas Dining at G Hotel Kelawei

Is the season to be jolly falalala... Well it's definitely a season of delicious Christmas goodies back here at G Hotel Kelawai Penang. This is my very first buffet review at G Hotel Kelawai and I must say I was impress with the whole set-up. Everything was simply gorgeous. 

With Christmas just nearing in, G Hotel Kelawai has an amazing myriad of Christmas treats when you dine this Christmas at Spoon. Spoon welcomes one to a unique set-up of Peranakan motif cement tiles on its flooring, wooden dining tables and chairs and aesthetic circus pendant lights giving sophistication to the ambiance. Truly one of its kind.

Are you ready to start drooling at all the heavenly Christmas cuisine? By looking at the items that awaits you this festive celebration, everything looked so appealing and appetizing. 

Starting the meal off with some premix salads and fresh garden salad too.

Some cold cuts to enjoy with your salad too.

A few types of cheese to enjoy away.

I think one of the happiest moment for many is seeing the seafood on ice corner. Probably the first section many would "attack" first. The fresh succulents items like prawns, mussels and crab awaits you.

The list continues with a wide variety of sushis and maki. The presentation of the items itself was already so appealing.

There were 2 soups that we introduced. Somehow both soup sort of like had their own charm. Cream of Cucumber with Green Apple. First eye contact with the menu label and I was like "Cucumber and green apple soup?" Sounds pretty odd but it was infact delicious. 

Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Enoki Mushroom and Lemongrass Flavour

What's Christmas dining without turkey right? Nice tender soft roasted turkey with traditional stuffing with the choice of Giblet Gravy and Apple Cranberry Sauce. 

Beside it is another hightlight, the Beef Wellington.

Now off to some hearty hot dishes to indulge away.

Wok Fried Beef with Black Pepper sauce

The mouth watering Turkey Piccata Milanese. Turkey breast baked together with tomato sauce, egg and cheese. Now this is something you don't really get aw 

Oyster Gratin with Curry Sabayon

Duck Confit with Berry Sauce, a French dish where the duck is marinated with chef’s secret recipe ingredients and is slow roasted in low temperature for 2 hours.

Lemon and Sage roasted free-range chicken with pesto cream sauce.

Grilled Fish Fillet on Mushroom Risotto

Minced chicken and mushroom pie

Margarita pizza and Hawaiian Fantasy pizza.

As you head outside, there's where you will have the chefs ready to assist you with your preferred marine morsels and meats such as Squid, King Prawn, Minute Steak, Lamb Chop, and Bratwurst Sausages and have them served with a variety of sauces and condiments

Looks good isn't it?

Head over to the Action station where you will spot the Shawarma counter as well as the pasta station.

Now to the favourite part of the buffet. Well for me :) Dessert time!

All of the desserts were like master pieces. Looked so beautiful that you just wanted to keep it for the small one LOL

Christollen Bread

Christmas Yule Log Cake 

Assorted French pastries.

Christmas Fruit Cake

Everything lookes so spectacularly amazing and I'm sure palates would be pleased this Christmas. 

Thanking  G Hotel Kelawai for hosting.

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