Christmas Dining at Royale Chulan Penang

It was truly something refreshing and new back at Royale Chulan Penang as they were the only hotel to showcase set dinner menu instead of the festive buffet spread for the upcoming Christmas celebration.  This also marks my very first review at The Spice Restaurant.

Set in nice cozy ambiance, with the Christmas decorations adding to the festive mood, it certainly much dining such pleasurable and romantic too. 

Oh yes, the presence of Christmas is very much felt back here. Even I myself can't wait for Christmas to arrive.

For this Christmas eve and Christmas day, the chefs has specially crafted a set dinner that would simply just pamper the palates away in this festive celebration. Indulge into the various flavours and taste that would just please the tummy very much.

Let's not keep you waiting and here's what awaits diners for this Christmas.

Starting of the Menu with :-
Amuse Bouche
Scallop Gratin with Cilantro Mayo

Prawn and Mango Salad
Fresh Tossed Garden Salad with Edamame and Finger Lime Aioli
The salad offered a nice tinge of sweetness and a lil sourish kick. The pastry crust that was served was flaky and crunchy.

Spice Wintermelon and Apple
With a swirl of double cream, garlic croutons and freshly chopped chives.
One glance and you'll be thinking, wintermelon and apple? Was expecting a really weird taste soup, but turns out the mixture of wintermelon and apple in a nice rich stock was just simply amazing. The flavours was actually quite refreshingly nice.

Orange Mint Sorber
This was good. I could have requested for the whole big tub, if that was even possible haha... Loved the mild sweetness of the icy cool treat that offered a nice citrusy taste.

Hard-carved Roast Turkey with All the Stuffing
Sliced roast turkey served with pumpkin mash, yorkshire pudding, buttered asparagus and garden vegetables with cranberry sauce and turkey au jus.

First glance at this entree and you would have already fall in love with it. Not only was the presentation of it looked appealing, the taste of the turkey was just beautiful. A slice of it, spread with the sauces, yum yum. Next serving please haha..

Steamed Sole Fish
With herb and macadamia nut glaze, pumpkin souffle, lemongrass beurre blanc, and snow peas.
The fish was nicely seasoned and the lemongraass beurre blanc sauce was simply beautiful with the fish. You get a nice bite of the fish and the nice buttery fragrant sauce coating it.

Potato and Rocket Gnocchi
Blue cheese cream sauce with salsa verde and permesan crisp
The gnocchi is something pretty interesting. It;s a soft dough dumpling. The texture of the gnocchi had a nice firm bite and it is certainly something that we don't eat commonly. When it comes to blue cheese, it only works 2 ways; one, love it. 2, dislike it to the max haha. 

Chocolate Parfait with Berry Soup
Rich chocolate mousse served with nougat glace
Nothing beats ending the meal with a nice mouth-watering appealing dessert. The chocolate parfait was soooooooo nice that I if it was served on the buffet spread, I would have taken the whole chaffing dish as my plate .LOL. Taste as good as it looks. 

The final last 2 items are Cheese Platter; coffee and tea. 

Do not miss out on the early promo which ends on the 15 Dec 2017! A deal not to be missed :)

Be it a romantic dinner with your loved ones, or a gathering with the whole family over buffet, there's a few options for you to pick from. 

Thanking Royale Chulan Penang for hosting.

For more information:
The Royale Chulan Penang
1&2, Pengkalan Weld, 
Georgetown 10300,
Tel : +604-259 8888

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