Merry Me at Gurney Paragon Mall Penang

Desserts are definitely something that is hard to say no to especially when you spot desserts by Merry Me. You'll probably end up wanting more of it after trying it. Merry Me has just recently opened its doors for business in Gurney Paragon Mall Penang. This is their 2nd outlet in Penang and they have continued delighting the palates of many with the delicious yet appealing creations. 

Merry Me is located on the 5th floor of Gurney Paragon Mall and is easy to spot as the outlet is located in the middle area of the walkway. Set in a relaxing open contemporary design, it certainly makes dining such enjoyment. 

Signature Gula Melaka
Milk, crispy rice, signature gula melaka, homemade mini cone, glutinous rice ball.
The first thing that attracts people from afar would definitely be the vapour that flows out from the dry ice placed beneath. It's like some magical dish. 

The usage of glutinous rice balls in this cold dessert was something different. The gula Melaka ice cream was really nice. You get that nice fragrant icy cool treat, scoop upon scoop of it.

Campfire Monkey
Bamboo charcoal Belgium waffle with ice cream on top served with banana; chocolate, green tea and coconut ice cream.

The color contrast of the dessert makes it rather sharp. The bamboo charcoal Belgium waffle tasted deliciously good with the ice cream on it. The homemade ice creams served were just so good. The love letter biscuits form the shape of a campfire.

5 types of ice cream and, croissant which is then pressed in a waffle machine.
Count the O's and that's how many scoops of ice cream is served. Yes, 5 O's so theres 5 scoops of heavenly treat. The croissant is first pressed in a waffle machine, making it from a empty flaky hollow item into a solid croissant. 

Gula Melaka Espresso
Milk ice cube, espresso, milk, choc banana muffin, cookie, marshmallow, black pearls.
First look, and you'll be amazed to see such a magnificent creation ready to be indulged away. This is certainly something that would just be too pretty to destroy but one your phone and your eyes are pleased, it's time to then please the tummy. The usage of gula Melaka and espresso offers a nice blend of fragrant and flavour.

Tiramisu Kakigori
Coffee cloud, shaved cocoa ice, chocolate sauce, based with coffee jelly. 
One glance and you will find this treat quite attractive. Ice blocks made from cocoa are then shaved onto coffee jelly, next all you have to do is pour the chocolate sauce over it and you're ready to dig in.

The Unicorn Cake is definitely something pretty cool. The striking colors and the unicorn horn makes the cake interestingly beautiful and cute at the same time. The cake consist of nice moist layers of cake and chocolate layering. 

Apart from all the sweet treats, Merry Me  also serves beverages such as coffee, tea, and milk too. Why not pair a dessert with a cuppa :)

Merry Me is ideal for gathering with friends and family over a selection of beautifully presented sweet creations to pamper the palates. 

Thanking Merry Me and Gurney Paragon Mall for hosting. 

For more information:
Merry Me
Lot L5.P1, 
Gurney Paragon Mall,
10250 George Town,
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604-2519654

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