Oriental Red Seafood Market Penang

Seafood lovers rejoice as there's a new spot in town and you are going to be so in love and fascinated with the place. Oriental Red Seafood Market isn't your common seafood restaurant that you visit in most places. A step into the premise and it's like an ultimate heaven of seafood welcoming you. You will be amazed 

Located along the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway, previously known as Jelutong Expressway, the restaurant is easily spotted as they have a rather large size snow crab on the outside. So huge that it would certainly catch you attention from a distant away.

The place itself is huge. We are talking about a built up space of 12,000sq feet with easily over 1,000 types of products for you to choose from. Be it fresh live catch, frozen seafood, dried goods, imported and local products too. You will be able to enjoy local treats from Japan and Korea too.

There's so many things that you will find back here that would just make you anticipate in getting it.

One of the best part is some of the seafood items are air-flown directly to Penang, so you can enjoy such freshness of the seafood. Nice!

A whole new dining experience awaits you and you will be spoilt with all the seafood choices from Alaskan king crabs, fresh abalones to lobsters, as well as non seafood items such as premium meat cuts too.

Now what makes dining here interesting is there's a counter with all the fresh seafood, all you have to do is pick your favourite items,  and it would be cooked on-the-spot for you by the dedicated team behind the counter. Notably the food prepared is served in way of Nabe which is the Japanese Hot Pot and the special broth used for the Nabe is authentically prepared in Japan and air-flown to the restaurant. Doesn't get any more authentic than this doesn't it.

The kitchen is helmed by a Japanese Chef, who is extremely skillful in ‘Ike Jime’, a Japanese fish-killing technique that paralyzes the fish to preserve its quality and seafood sweetness. There are 4 types of cooking methods to choose from - Grill, Deep Fried, Hot Pot and Sashimi (including Sushi).

If you in the celebratory mood to have your share of food with alcohol, the vast selection of Japanese Sake (Japanese Rice Wine) or imported Wines would cater for any occasions. Equally exciting are the premium Charcuterie and snacks that go along with the alcohol, expect a variety of finest Jamón ibérico de bellota (acorn) ham, imported Sausages, Beef and Lamb. 

Back at the frozen section, items ranging from squids, prawns, foie gras, crabs and so many more is made available.

On the other section is where you will get the dry seafood items as well as canned items. 

This is one exclusive hamper I must say.  The hamper that you see in the photo cost RM 88,888. 

Walk up and there's where you find the delicacies from Japan and Korea. 

I was indeed privilege to have the opportunity to savour some of the highlights of the place.

Sashimi Platter

The eye-catching and beautiful masterpiece that is just so good to enjoy away. There was tuna, salmon, squids and even sea urchins.

Lobster Nabe Hot Pot
Served with Kagawa Abalone

Now this is like an ultimate satisfaction. The Nabe stock was so good. The flavours you get on every sip was just gorgeous. There's absolutely nothing to not like about it, for the exception that is seafood isn't your thing.

I was told that customers just have to pick their seafood items and it is cooked without any additional cost until further notice from the management. That's a really good deal!

While the fresh Kagawa Abalone, is thinly sliced for you to dip it in the Nabe for a moment and it's ready to be enjoyed away.

Salt Grilled Iberico Ribs

Gloves on hand, checked! Wait no longer then, attack! The perfect way to have it eaten is by your hands. The ribs were nicely seasoned and the fragrant aroma was just so tempting.

Love oysters? You know how fresh the oysters you will be getting when it is cracked open upon your order.

Lobster Tail with Cheese

Now this, lobster and cheese is a "match made in heaven".

Temari Sushi

How can you say no to these lovely and adorable sushis. 

Honeydew Bird Nest

A bowl of goodness, that bring so much health benefits. 

Fruit Platter
Australia Honeydew Melon, Pomegranate, Mango and Korean Pear

There's just so many words to describe those imported fruits; juicy, sweet, delicious and could I have more please :) Once you start, it's hard to stop.

It is certainly unique and something truly different back here at Oriental Red Seafood Market. The exclusiveness of fresh flown in seafood items, seafood served in Nabe and a whole load of exciting things sold back here is just so welcoming.

Now with Chinese New Year just around the corner, even more reasons for you to check the place out. Think of seafood, then it has got to be Oriental Red Seafood Market.

Many thanks to Oriental Red Seafood Market for hosting.

For more information:
Oriental Red Seafood Market
No. 28, Fortune Park,
Jalan Perusahaan Jelutong 2 ,
11600, Jelutong, Penang
Contact: 04-283 3363
Business Hours: 10 am – 12 am (Last order 11 pm)
Website: Facebook

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