G Hotel Reaches Out to Children's Association Penang Spastic Cerebral Palsy.

It was a day of much joy for all the children of Children's Association of Penang Spastic Celebral Palsy during the recent charity event by G Hotel and I was privilege to be invited to join in the fun too. 

G Hotel had such an entertaining event line-up that kept the kids all excited and very much enjoyed themselves too.

The event started off with a tour around the Spastic Centre led by Ms Betty Ng, the administrator of the Centre. Volunteers had the opportunity to go behind the scene to see the various types of treatments that was conducted, special teaching methods and handling of each children with different conditions. 

The event was then continue by a warm opening speech by Mr Michael Hanratty, General Manager of G Hotel where he mentioned "It has been quite some time now since the last time the hotel has done something like this. Aside from donating funds, we wish to also engage more staffs to participate in charitable programs,"

Ms Christina Tan, Communications Director then took over the stage while getting the children prepared for the activities that they have planned for them. 

G Hotel's very own costumed Superman, portrayed by Mr Calvin Gerard Aeria was spotted going around entertaining the children.  If you were there, you would see how thrilled the children were upon seeing him.

The children were split into 2 separate activities, one was showcasing their skills in the painting artwork program while the rest played tossing the ping pong ball into baskets.

Ms Annie Wong, Asst. Marcom Manager having a fun chat with one of the children.

The painting were then displayed in the hall for everyone to enjoy the masterpieces made by them.

On the other side, the level of excitement was high with ping pong balls being thrown into baskets.

When it was time for the balloon musical chair, it was crazy fun. Children were trying to pass the balloons as quickly as possible to their friends beside so that they won't be eliminated when the music stops. It was fun yet funny at the same time. You can tell how much they were enjoying themselves from the smiles on their faces.

While the children were busy playing and enjoying themselves in the hall, G Hotel volunteers were outside having a Gotong Royong session. They were busy cleaning the vicinity of the centre by cutting the long grass, collecting rubbish and doing gardening. It was carried out to ensure the centre is fit and clean for the children. 

The children were then pampered to a delicious treat specially prepared by the talented chefs of G Hotel. Well not only did the children enjoyed the delicious food, even I myself enjoyed it very much :)

The joy didn't just last there, to add-on to the already happy day, G Hotel donated a sum of RM 1,000 and 100 Tupperwares to the home. Nice! 

Little did I know  that the Spastic Children's Association of Penang was founded in 1962. There were only 21 children back then and today it has grown and is catering the needs of more than 70 children with Cerebral Palsy.

The centre is raising public awareness about cerebral palsy and the services that is available at the centre. Their aim is to encourage participation and involvement of the pubic towards those wit cerebral palsy.

Many thanks to G Hotel for inviting.

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