Preparing Meals Easily with Cheezy Fish Fillets by Pacific West.

When it comes to seafood, the brand Pacific West is certainly a name that many knows of. Be it for home consumption or for commercial use, Pacific West products which are HALAL certified is well received by many and its products are enjoyed by millions today. 

Pacific West, a premium brand of Golden Fresh, is now easily and widely available in the Asia Pacific Region, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and the Middle East. What makes it a favourable brand of choice is because of their continuous product innovations and development; their products are so easy to prepare and there's just nothing to not love about when it comes to the deliciousness it offers.

Their innovation continues with the new improved formula Cheezy Fish Fillets which was launched on 17 November 2017. Sink your teeth into a hot crispy natural white flaky fish fillet, coated with crispy Japanese breadcrumbs and let the oozing flow mixture of premium Mozarella and Nacho cheese. One bite and you would be wanting more. The cheese brings a nice cheezy taste and aroma to the fish fillet. OH So Good!

I was indeed very privilege to be given the opportunity to enjoy the brand new product and preparing is so simple that making meals has never been so easy. Best part of all, it can be enjoyed on its own or served together with other ingredients.

All it takes is a couple of minutes and voila it's ready to be enjoyed.

 Deep Fryer
4-5 minutes

 Toaster Oven
10-12 minutes

6-8 minutes

Slurrrrpppp... Just look at the cheese. 

Here are some ways you can prepare and enjoy the Cheezy Fish Fillets.

Cheezy Fish Fillets with Spaghetti. 
Prepare your spaghetti bolognaise, and once your dish is ready it's all good to go.

Cheezy Fish and Chips
Fry some fries, grab some garden salad, dressing of your choice and voila its ready .

Cheezy Fish and Scramble Egg Croissant 
You can always grab a croissant from a bakery, slice into half and make your scramble eggs. Place on the croissant, top the fish on it and its bon appetite time.

It still taste good even if served on it's own, as a snack. Perhaps you could prepare some dipping sauce to go with it too. Maybe some mayo, tartare, Thai chili sauce or your very own specialty sauce.

 In conjunction with new improved Cheezy Fish Fillets launched, Pacific West is in collaboration with Holiday Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd (Penang Office) to bring you the ‘Win Your Dream Holiday’ contest from 15th November 2017 until 15th January 2018. Stand a chance to experience the riverside capital of Western Australia, Perth (4D3N) or the famed island of the gods, Bali (4D3N) by purchasing a minimum of any one (1) Pacific West product.
So hurry. Grab one today and submit you entry.

For more information:
Contest Form& TnC Apply

Convenience - Readily prepared that cooks within minutes, direct from freezer to fryer/oven.  Innovation - Continuous creation of new products offering varieties in options and taste. 
Quality - Premium choice of seafood and ingredients complying to international food safety and process standards with BRC, IFS, HACCP and YUM! accreditation. Yes, their products are also HALAL certified. 

Pacific West definitely is  "The taste the world loves!" 

Many thanks to Pacific West Malaysia.

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