Chinese New Year Dining at Eastin Hotel Penang 2018

It's almost that time of the year, where gathering with family and friends over a myriad spread of delicious cuisine at Eastin Hotel Penang. We are just slightly a week away from the big celebration. Wohoooooo! Can't wait for it to arrive :)

So the peeps at Eastin Hotel Penang is all ready with their creations for you to indulge and enjoy during this Chinese New Year. Everything looked amazingly delicious.

Will let you start drooling as you scroll on :)

Alright so for the start, theres the salad bar with some pre-mix salads such as baby, octopus salad, Japanese seaweed salad, jelly fish salad broccoli and duck salad.

Not far is where the Yee Sang station is. Let's toss into another year filled with tons of prosperity.

Spotted from afar was the eye-catching Poon Choi and Yook Poon. A pot filled with 'treasure" :) More like treasure of the sea. Premium seafood items that will just pamper your stomach and palate with the richness of flavour and taste.

A platter filled with meat goodness such as roast chicken, chicken char siew, roasted duck and lamb.

Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Snow Fungus.
Prior to tasting the soup, many told me that the soup was beautiful and so I tried. Oh yes! The stock was nicely seasoned and flavoured with such nice essence. The aroma itself made you go "ahhhhhhhhhhh"

This following sight would be what seafood lovers love the most. Fresh seafood on ice that are is just irresistible. There's  about 8 types of seafood for you to enjoy away. Mussels, oysters, crabs, prawns and many more.

Now off to the  main dishes area where you will find favourites such as steambed seabass with sour  plum, herbal chicken with wolfberry and ginger, salted egg mantis prawn, sea cucumber with green garden and lotus leaf rice with chicken meat.

Each cooked in its own special unique way therefore delivering unique flavours that would just please the palate.

The salted egg mantis prawn was really good. This is something that you rarely get on the buffet line and you can definitely look forward to this dish. 

And my favourite part, which is desserts. Attractive and appetizing desserts awaits you at the dessert section. From cakes, pastries to Chinese New Year cookies. 

There's also leng chee kang to enjoy away.

So make your way to Eastin Hotel Penang this Chinese New Year and let the amazing delicious food pamper everyone.

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Thanking Eastin Hotel Penang for hosting.

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