Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner at Hotel Jen Penang 2018

It is certainly good to be back at Hotel Jen Penang after the major make over which the hotel underwent and just completed not too long ago. This time around, with Chinese New Year fast approaching, the chefs at Hotel Jen is ready to welcome diners to a reunion dinner that will please the palates with all the delicious cuisine they will be presenting. 

The hotel presents 2 types of dinner menu to choose from, Auspicious Reunion at RM 1398 for 10 pax while Harmonious Prosperity is at RM 1888 for 10 pax.

I had the opportunity to review their Harmonous Prosperity Dinner Menu which bears the same menu items found for the Auspicious Reunion Dinner Menu except for additional item like the Baked Lobster and complimentary 1 bottle of whisky.

So let's get started :)

Starting off with the Salmon Prosperity Yu Sheng. Make sure you toss it high while saying "Huat Ah! Heng Ah! Ong Ah!" haha... 

Baked Lobster is certainly a big highlight. Something you don't commonly get for a reunion menu. The aroma of the dish was just so welcoming. Eaten while it's still hot is the best way. While the cheese and ingredients are still warm, it brings up a nice cheesy flavour and the chunks of lobster meat was so good.

For soup, we were served the double-boiled chicken consomme with young coconut, dried scallop, snow fungus and served with deep-fried spring roll. A combination of ingredients that made every scoop of the soup bursting with rich flavours.

The Empress Signature Roast Duck Served with Passion Fruit and Pine Nuts Relish was rather unique in its way. Unlike the usual norm of having it with the sweet sauce, the twist of using passion fruit offers a fragrant and refreshing flavour.

While the Wok Fried Sea Prawn in XO Sauce offered a nice fragrant taste with a very mild kick of spiciness.

Homemade wild berries sherbert

Steamed bean curd skin with assorted mushroom and poached broccoli.

Steamed live tiger garoupa with superior soy sauce and ginger. If you love fish, you will just fall in love with this dish. It's just perfect when the fish is so fresh to enjoy.

Signature longevity noodles with seafood.

Eight treasure rice pudding with sesame ball. When this dessert arrived, we were surprised as it was something unusual but good. 

Auspicious Reunion Dinner Menu would receive 1 bottle of red wine whilte the Harmonious Prosperity Dinner Menu will received 1 bottle of whisky.

For more information about Hotel Jen's Chinese New Year promo, kindly refer to the artwork below.

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