A Food Paradise in Penang - Fisherman's Wharf Penang 槟城渔人码头

Penang is certainly no stranger when it comes to food.  There's just so amazing variety of delicious food that Penang has to offer and there's nothing like enjoying them under one roof. Located not too far from Karpal Singh Drive,  Fisherman's Wharf Penang is a popular spot among those near and far.

One step into the place and you'll have a hard time thinking which food to order as there's just so many choices made available for you to choose from. From local flavours to international fare; from snacks, soup, fried items and desserts, there's so many items for you to please the palate.

Let the drooling begin :)

Just look at all the delicious treats.

It comes with a beautiful view as well.

Let the have a peep at some of the highlights here.

Fried Poh Piah - RM 1.50 /pc
Every bite offers a nice crunch that goes well with the chili sauce that is served along.

Fried Dumplings 煎饺 - RM 17.00
The skin was just right and together with the sauce dipped, oh 1 2 3 pieces won't be enough to satisfy.

Homemade Roasted Pork 烧肉 - RM 15.00
Smoked Duck - RM 15.00

The roasted pork is rather popular among many. One bite into the crispy and juicy tender meat, there's no turning back.

Hokkien Mee 福建虾面 - From RM5.00
There's no saying no to this bowl of hearty rich prawn stock.

Colonial Hailam Chicken Chop - RM 9.90
The taste of yesteryears that is so appealing. Reasonably affordable and yummy/

Vinegar Pork Knuckle Soup 猪脚醋 - From RM 8.00
The soup was just heavenly. Nicely flavoured with the right mixture. One scoop makes you wanting more and more. 

Fish Head Noodle 鱼头米粉 - From RM 6.00
There's nothing like a nice rich stock of flavour that just brings the whole dish out.

Yaki Udon 炒乌冬面
This yaki udon definitely slurppppssss away.

All of your favourite items, tossed in a nice thick sauce. Ready to enjoy away.

Butter Salmon Rice 牛油三文鱼饭
A simple looking dish but packed with nice aroma and the salmon is just delicious.

Prawn, Squid, Crab Meat, Scallop, Mantis Prawn Char Koay Kak - RM 10.00
This is like the ultimate koay kak. Just looking at it already makes one so eager to get one.

Duck Drumstick Mee Suan 鸭脚面线 - RM 7.50
If you're a soup lover, this rich herbal soup will be something you would love to have.

Kimchi stew with pork 泡菜香喷喷猪肉汤饭 - RM 9.00
Love Korea food? Then don't miss out on the Korea food that this stall offers.

Hokkien char/ Char Hor Fan with Roasted Pork 红烧猪肉福建炒/炒河粉 - RM 14.00
This dish on overall was the bomb. Something that you don't usually get in most places.

Laksa 叻沙 - From RM 5.00
We can't say no to laksa can't we.

Friend Oyster Mee 蚝面 - From RM 6.50
Big pieces of oysters to enjoy away.

Steamed Chicken - From RM 5.00
The smooth silky tender pieces of chicken is what makes steamed chicken delicious.

Oyster Mee Suah - From RM 6.50
This is also of item which you don't commonly find.

Original Koay Teow Soup 粿条汤 - RM 5.00
The hot pipping soup koay teow best enjoyed when it's hot. 

Curry Mee
The aroma from the coconut milk stock and the fragrant chili paste, perfect combo.

Braised Ribs Pork Noodle红烧排骨面 - RM 10.00
This was something pretty interesting. Nicely seasoned stock with chunks of tender pork ribs to enjoy away.

Fried Mee Suah 炒面线 - From RM 5.50
A simple looking dish that still satisfies the tummy. 

It boils down to the spices and the fish used and this was good.

Ais Kacang
Nothing beats endind the meal with the all-time favourite ABC and Chendol. 


Pandan coconut milk jelly 班兰云石燕菜 - RM 2
Raspberry jelly - RM 4

These jelly are petty special. Offering a nice blend of taste with the usage of coconut milk and raspberry in the jelly.

Fresh Cut Fruits

Lemon juice with butterfly-pea flower drink
A refreshing drink which is rather unique

 Assorted Jelly

As you have seen and drooled haha.... this is just a small part of the delicious food which is served back at Fisherman's Wharf. There's heaps of other more food for you to enjoy. 

So next round if this question " Where to eat ah?" pops up. You know where to head to now. 

Thank you to Fisherman's Wharf for hosting.

For more information:
Fisherman's Wharf Penang
11am - 2am
No. 92A, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 1,
11600 Penang, Malaysia
Tel : 012-404 0265

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