Explore Taiwan Travel Fair 2018 at Gurney Paragon Mall Penang

Love Taiwan so much and can't get enough of it? The toughest thing is, once you've step foot in that beautiful country, it's an instant love at first sight. The amazing myriad of delicious food variations, the breathtaking scenery, the wonderful places to visit and so much more interesting things that Taiwan has to offer.

Come this 11-13 May 2018, the Explore Taiwan Travel Fair 2018 returns this year, for the second time after its huge success from last year which saw crowds of people from near and far attending the fair. Organised by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur office, the Taiwan Travel fair{Explore Taiwan 探索臺湾}will be held at Gurney Paragon Mall.

With the theme of flower viewing, enjoying hotspring and dining at the newly awarded Michelin starred restaurants, lots of perfect travel packages will be made available for you to check out.

There will be a collaboration of 13 local travel agent partners, together with China Airlines, Cathay Dragon and Genting Cruise Lines, offering special deals for airfare, Taiwan travel and cruises packages. 

Those who are interested can easily find their desired travel packages at the 3-day Taiwan Travel fair with the participation of 13 local travel agent partners, and they are Ace Tours & Travel (PG) Sdn Bhd, Angel Tours Sdn Bhd, Big Planet Travel Sdn Bhd, Forever Travel Service Sdn Bhd, Golden First Travel & Tours (M) Sdn Bhd, Happy Holidays Sdn Bhd, Hwa Yik Tour & Travel (PG) Sdn Bhd, In-Touch Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd, Komtar Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd, Lye Peng Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd, Regional Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd, Super Tours & Travel Service Sdn Bhd, Tong Yan Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd.

Besides the freebies tied with the purchased packages, consumers can also redeem a “Scratch and Win” card whereby they stand a chance to win exciting prizes with a total value of more than RM35, 000, which include 3nights SuperStar Aquarius Special cruise from Keelung – Miyakojima – Naha – Keelung, China Airline and Cathay Pacific economy ticket to Taipei/Taichung/Kaohsiung, free accommodations at Taiwan Luxury Hotel or Resorts, Taiwan theme parks entrance tickets, Taipei easy card , airport mrt voucher, Taiwan Souvenir and many more.

Be entertained by  performances from Taiwan which will take the centre stage every 30 minutes during the 3-days travel fair, which will feature:

1. Food tasting: Signature Taiwanese breakfasts are now available in Penang for free and freshly served, from Chinese omelet with corn, Fried carrot cake to Scallion pancake will be available everyday during the travel fair.

2. Ceramics Circle Charm Painting activities: Provided with Ceramics Circle Charm, participants can draw with pencil and colouring with Acrylic, then finishing with a Chinese knot as a gift for a friend and children.

3. Liu Sheng Ji Music: Liu Sheng Ji is a performing band based on three of the most traditional instruments, namely dizi, erhu and pipa, and combined with guitar and jazz drums, where oriental traditional instruments are nicely blended with western elements, including rock, jazz, blues, R & B, Funky, electronic music and Disco. With the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, the band creates contemporary Taiwanese music that exhibits Taiwan's traditional instrumental music from a different perspective.

4. Taiwan Cypress Chopsticks DIY by Carpenter Brother & Sister Technology: 2 siblings from TaiChung that inherited their father's 29 years of carpentries skill, and developing a new line of furnitures, stationeries and tools with innovative playful element. Hence creating an impressive new look to the old boring wood.

5. Zero Four Dance Crew: The “Zero Four Dance Crew” is from Taichung Taiwan, group name come up with the Taichung area code 04, they were the champion of Taiwan Dance TV Show at 2014 and the world champion of the Asian Battleground 2017 World Final in Malaysia. They have previously performed in Germany, France and Vietnam.

For Gurney Paragon mall's shoppers who spent more than RM500 in single receipt also entitled to redeem a free gift during the travel fair. In the meantime, a Taiwan stainless steel vacuum bottle will be given free for the purchase of any tour packages, while a Taiwan Luggage Strap & Tag will be given free for the purchase of ground package value RM800 & above.

Sea of Orange Daylilies

Chike Mountain in Hualien County, Yuli Township

Sea of flowers in Guanshan 

Tung Oil Tree in Tung Lodge at Miaoli County, Gongguan Township

Da Gangshan cold spring

Public Hot Spring at Grand View Resort Beitou Hotel

Standing at 9 meters is the central garden where bamboo screens acts as dividers. Incorporated inside are hot spring pools, cold water pools, ice water pools, saunas, steam rooms, stone flooring baths and resting zones. The area is spacious with extensive views and a charming atmosphere surrounded by nature and mist.

The Public Springs are divided into public male and female pools, each is intricately designed. The pools are alternated everyday allowing different experiences for guests where the white sulphuric springs can wash away inner impurities.

Tangweigou Park

Le Palais Chinese Restaurant of Palais de Chine Hotel
In the inaugural issue of the Taipei Michelin Guide, Le Palais of Palais de Chine Hotel, a restaurant known for offering authentic Chinese culinary experience and serving the fine, delicate flavours of traditional Cantonese dishes is the only restaurant to be bestowed the highest honour of the Michelin 3 Star accolade.

Awarded Michelin 3-Star, Le Palais serves all the famous Chinese cuisines with hand-picked fresh ingredients, and has been awarded by the Culinary Culture Forum across Taiwan and China as one of the top ten restaurants. Le Palais serves the best Cantonese dim sum and Chinese banquet cuisines that are highly appreciated by both domestic and international diners. Our six luxurious private VIP rooms merging oriental and French esthetics in the restaurant are the most ideal locations for private gatherings, where you can bask in the warm morning sunshine or enjoy the magnificent city night view.

Here's some good news for you. Which you wouldn't want to miss out on.

Taiwan Travel Fair{Explore Taiwan 探索台湾}will be organising a roadshow prior to the 3-days fair on May 6, 2018 starting at 11am in Gurney Paragon Mall.

You will just need to share my Facebook post to public and you will be entitled to redeem a reward card from the roadshow. The reward card will be then used to redeem a free Taiwanese drink or food on the spot. While during the 3-days fair, the rewards card is also entitled for the redemption of a free souvenir from Taiwan.

All you have to do is share  my Facebook page post and show them the shared post at the roadshow to redeem the reward card at 11am onward on first come first serve basis. With the rewards card, the public can redeem the free foods or drinks from the food trucks at the roadshow.

*The same reward card can also be redeemed for a free souvenir during the 3-days travel fair at the center stage counter.

Based on first come first basis. So hurry :)

Explore Taiwan Travel Fair Roadshow
Date: May 6, 2018
Time: 11am onwards
Venue: Gurney Paragon Mall Kelawai entrance

For more information of the Explore Taiwan travel fair 2018, please contact: 
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Lean Hooi  (Ichi Media)
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For more information of the Explore Taiwan Travel Fair 2018, please visit: 

So mark your calendars, 6 May and 11-13 May 2018.

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