Ramadhan Buffet Dinner at SPOON, G Hotel Kelawai

Dining at SPOON, G Hotel Kelawai is just so welcoming. Enjoying the delicious feast the chefs has created for Ramadan while enjoying the beauty of the sunset in the evening. It's such a perfect setting.
Yes! The Holy month of Ramadan is here and G Hotel Kelawai has everything for you to break fast or for gatherings with family and friends over a scrumptious spread of cuisine that would pamper the palates. Everything is just so sedap!

Beautiful sight isn't it.

Ok now it's time for me to let you drool looking at all the beautiful creations that is hard to resist.

Layout is simple yet elegantly displayed.

Let's start off with the starters like garden salad, premix local salad and kerabu.

Open the appetite with items like Kerabu Kacang Botol, Kerabu Kaki Ayam, Acar Jelatah and Kerabu Lautan.

Some fresh greens, condiments and dressing.

Oh how much we missed you, dear serunding :)

There are 4 types of cheese offered. My favourite has got to be the Brie Cheese. Oh yums.

I was personally delighted to spot the way the ulam-ulaman and gado-gado was presented. Something different from the norms. 

Bubur Lambuk is a must try during the Ramadhan season.

The Roasted Lamb Leg catches the attention from afar, and a bite into the lamb offers such marination flavours in overall. Most importantly it's tender and not dry.

Now off to some main dishes served in the buffet line inside.

Nasi Hujan Panas

Get a scoop of rice, and followed by adding all of the next dishes such as

Daging Masak Hitam

Ikan Siakap Tiga Rasa
A dish that offers a tinge of sweetness and sourness that is just appetizing. 

Udang Goreng Mentege & Bijirin
Just opening the cover and the fragrant aroma makes you want to dig into it instantly.

Chili Crab
This is one of the star attraction. Crab and chili, oh yummy!

Lala Kam Heong

Sambal Sotong Petai

Ayam Masak Madu
Roasted tender chicken glazed with honey. Giving that nice coat of fragrant sweetness.

Lamb Varuval

Kailan Ikan Masin

Sayur Campur & Cendawan

Now off to my favourite section. The desserts section.

The let sugar rush begin :)

Fruit Flan

Assorted Malay Kuih

Coconut Tart

Black Rice Cheese Cake
Black rice in a cheese cake? First thought and you'd probably hold yourself back, but one try and you will be coming back for more. The usage of the black rice in the cheese cake has given it a nice twist.

Coconut Mousse
Many actually loved this dessert. If you do spot it, do give it a try.

Soya Bean Tofu with Brown Sugar Syrup
Usually the soya bean tofu is served warm, but it was served cold back here and I just loved it. I think I had like 3 servings of this cold dessert. Awwww.. making me craving for it now.

You will also find some puddings and jelly in the chiller.

I just love seeing all the beverages made available during the Ramadhan buffets.

Fresh tropical fruits.

Let's scream for ice cream hehe..

That's what you will find back in the indoor area, the list of food does not stop there. There's more food at the outdoor area.

Shall we?

You will find action stalls serving noodles, grilled items and more outside.

There was the chicken rice stall, char koay teow and noodle station.

How can you resist one of Penang's favourite item, Char Koay Teow.

A nice rich coconut soup base Curry Mee.

Sup Tulang
A nice hearty warm soup filled with much spices and aroma to please the tummy.

Guess what? There's a feast of Nasi Kandar outside for you to enjoy.

Nasi Briyani

Beef Rendang

Kari Ayam

Kari Kepala Ikan

Kambing Kurma

Kacang Panjang Goreng Cili Kering

Nyonya Acar

Telur Dadar

A lil of this and that, and you are on your way to your Nasi Kandar satisfaction. While each dish offered its own unique flavour and taste, a mix of everything is just heavenly delicious.

Not far is where the flames burn. From seafood to meat, grab what you like and the Chefs will be on their way grilling it for you.

Satay anyone?

While most places serves only chicken or beef, SPOON also offers lamb satay here. That's a bonus.

Dip them into the rich peanuty sauce. Oh so good!


Looks so pretty.

 It was something different to spot the Ham Chin Peng and Mua Chi served in the buffet line. Don't quite recalling seeing this in any of the buffets I've been so far.


Banana fritters

Icy cool treat like Ais Kacang and Chendol to enjoy away.

Now that's quite a lot of food for you to enjoy. Make you your bring your biggest appetite over to SPOON.

Thanking G Hotel Kelawai for hosting.

Ramadhan Buffet Dinner
 Adult : RM 75.00
Children & Senior : RM 45.00

Pssssttt...There's a Buy 10 Free 1 at SPOON from 15 May - 14 June 2018. Don't miss out on this offer.

For more information:
G Hotel Kelawai
2 Persiaran Maktab
10250 Penang
Tel : +604 - 219 0000