Harriston Signature Penang - Penang's Chocolate Wonderland

Located along the busy street of Jalan Kelawai, lays a building that welcomes one to a chocolate wonderland. If you are a CHOCOLATE LOVER, then you have to certainly pop over to Harriston Signature. 

Harriston is a Malaysian homegrown brand established by a family of dedicated chocolate makers who owns Harriston Signature, Harriston Boutique and Harriston Artisan. The chocolate business was founded by Mr. SC Teng and July 2018 marks Harriston’s 13th anniversary!
Wow! With a blink of an eye it's been so many years and this marks my first time stepping into one of their outlet - Harriston Signature at Jalan Kelawai.

The moment when I received the invitation from a dear friend, I was so looking forward to it. Like super duper excited. Haha

The chocolates by Harriston are much sought after by fellow Malaysians and friends from all over the world because Harriston chocolates are made based on time-honoured production methods, using 100% pure cocoa butter and carefully selected ingredients in adherence to ISO 9001, HALAL certification requirements, rigorous quality control and international hygiene standards. 

Welcome to Harriston Signature :) Now I look like a staff there don't I?  .LOL.

We had the friendly representatives of Harriston, one of them being Mr Shahrel, Sales & Marketing Executive, who shared a bit of the history of Harriston as well as some introduction about the chocolates that are made available in the store. Don't start drooling yet yeah :p

Look at how huge that chunk of chocolate block is. 

Back at this area is where you will learn a lil more about chocolates in general. From the process of growing it right until packaging and shelving.

Straight next was something many would look forward to. Hands on at the Chocolate DIY Class. It was time for the moment to be a chocolatier.  Time for me to be Willy Wonka haha.

Let the game begin haha.. Nah, there's no competition but just having all the fun you can, doing your very own chocolate art. It's pretty cool as not many of us has had the chance to explore making own chocolate art, but  now you can at Harriston Signature. It's so convenient and all up to your own creativity. 

We tried pouring melted chocolate on a biscuit and doing some designs on it.

There was also the chocolate mould which you could play with the colors to created your very own style.

We were also given skewers where we poured chocolate to form like a candy lolly shape and designed it.

This was the orangutan mould filled with heaps of melted chocolate.

Tadaahhhhh. Here is my final product. Not bad right haha..

Here it is, my orangutan chocolate.

The Chocolate DIY class was truly enjoyable. Regardless of age, kids or adults, I'm pretty sure all would love to do it. It's a pretty cool experience. There's so much joy in doing it. Seeing the end results was the best reward ever.

The classes are available daily, following their retail hours. The total duration is 1 hour and will consist of 4 processes. It is just RM 35.00 per pax and it includes materials, chocolate DIY kits, apron and certificate.

This is the part where the eyes are bigger than the tummy. Time to explore the chocolates in-store.

We have chocolates here and there and everywhere. <3 p="">

While there are so many chocolates to choose from, there are some that are pretty exquisite. Their signature would be the Tongkat Ali Chocolate and Crunchy Coconut Chocolate. The unique ones are like Chili Dark Chocolate, Ginger Dark Chocolate, Curry Dark Chocolate and Chocolate with Malaysian's all-time favourite fruit, Durian. Those are some pretty neat combination.

Anybody up for some Curry Chocolate?

They also have chocolates with fruits in it.

There's one section which certainly catches the attention. As you walk closer, the beautiful Pralines awaits you. With flavours such as orange, banana, raspberry, green apple and lots more. 

Looking at these just made me salivate.

Look at that gorgeous Dark Almond Cup. 

Chocolates are a perfect gift for any occasion. Be it as artisan gifts, celebrational gifts, personalized gifts, corporate gifts or as hampers and gift boxes, they have the special packing service ready at your convenience.

Now it gets even better. Harriston Signature is the very first outlet to feature a full fledged cafe. Indulge into all the various chocolate items on the menu, ranging from beverages to desserts.

Below are some of the food and beverages to enjoy at the cafe. You will find beverages such chocolate, coffee, tea, juices among others. While for food, there's sandwiches and waffles. Oh yummy!

Nothing like a cup of hot chocolate. Ahhhhhhhhh! The aroma and the nice chocolate kick.

Psst. Do not miss out trying their 58% Hot Chocolate. That is a must!

Wohooo! I got my certificate. Will have to frame it up :)

If you have never stepped foot into Harriston Signature, there so many reasons you should now. Whether it's chocolate for own consumption, or as gifts or even a place to sit back and enjoy the delicious menu made available at the cafe, Harriston Signature is always ready to welcome you to a beautiful chocolate experience. 

Many thanks to Harriston Signature for the warm hospitality and for the amazing experience.

68, Jalan Kelawai, 10250,
Georgetown, Penang,
Tel: +604 226 1626 / +604 226 2306
Opens Daily : 9.30am - 6.30pm

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