The Little Chef Penang

The Little Chef certainly storms up the kitchen presenting a delicious menu for those with big appetite. Located within Arena Curve which is just a stone's throw away from Olive Tree Hotel and SPICE Arena. Despite just having opened not too long ago, The Little Chef has been pampering the palates of many their scrumptious menu that goes really easy on the wallet. Don't worry as you wouldn't be leaving the premise with a big hole in your wallet.

A step into the premise and a nice comfy setting welcomes you inside. The interior is pretty unique I must say with the wooden pallets going from the all right up to the ceiling. Something a lil different from the ordinary cafe/restaurant set up.

It is time to explore some of the highlights of the menu.

Are you ready to start drooling? hehe. Lets go!
Below is some of the highlights which I had the chance to enjoy away.

Homemade Mushroom Soup (RM5.80). 

Time to warm the stomach with a serving of a nice warm hearty and creamy mushroom soup.

Mango Kerabu Salad - RM 5.80

The mango kerabu salad was a pleasant surprise to be spotted on the menu. It's something you don't usually get in cafes or restaurant serving mainly Western cuisine. Give it a mix and every bite is followed by a burst of tangy flavours. 

Perch Fish Fillet with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce - RM 15.80

The perch fish fillet is usually served batter fish and chips style. You may request for it to be grilled as well if fried isn't your choice. Just looking at the word "Creamy Salted Egg Sauce" has one immediately wanting to give it a try.  Once you pop in into your mouth, there's no turning back. Instead, you will be wanting more of it.

Just look at that!

Indiana Chicken - RM 13.80
One taste and it's an instant love at first taste. The sauce which has very mild curry like taste that goes easy on the palate.

Braised Lamb Shank - RM 32.80
This is one dish that many love in general, The Little Chef certainly offers one which is done just right. The fragrant aroma and richness of sauce coating over the tender bites of the lamb shank is simply irresistible. 

Die hard fan of Aglio Olio?

Aglio Olio - RM 14.80
Oh wow! Just look at the succulent prawns on the serving. Infact many people loved the Aglio Olio back here. The al-dante pasta covered in a nice tinge of spicy kick is what makes people coming back for more.

Spaghetti Cabonara - RM 14.80
Last but not least. my favourite item. A nice serving of rich and creamy pasta with bacon and ham. Oh heavenly!

Of course some beverages to enjoy with you meal with.

These are just some of the items from the menu. They do have quite a wide variety of items on their menu for you to explore.

Thanking The Little Chef for hosting.

For more information :
The Little Chef
72-1-2, Arena Curve , 
Jalan Mahsuri, 
Bandar Sunway Tunas
11950 Bayan Lepas
Tel: 04-611 7964

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